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The Miracle of Life.
week was exhausting.  Just two weeks
after hosting a very fun baby shower, one of my best friends, A, gave birth to
an incredible baby girl, Isabella Cristiana, right in front of me.
Yup.  I was so special that I got to be in the
delivery room.  Why was in the room you
may be asking?  Let’s just say that this
was not a traditional pregnancy and, circumstances being as they were, I was
the pseudo-father for the first five months of A’s pregnancy.  I was ever-ready to take her to the
hospital.  We spent so much cherished
time together — we had breakfasts, lunches, and dinners together multiple
times per week.  In the beginning she was
all alone, and it felt remarkably rewarding to help her out in any way
possible.  Lots of great memories!  I even knew the gender of the baby three
months before anyone else.
some point, I think A mentioned in passing that it might be cool if I were in
the delivery room.  The seed was then
planted.  It became more and more real as
the months progressed.  Finally, a few
weeks ago, she asked me with her husband, S’s, permission, of course.  I was overcome with joy and accepted the
invitation right away.  She figured it
would be one of the only experiences in my life that she could give me as a
After going for a routine 35-week check up, A was advised to go to the
hospital straight away, as her blood pressure was extremely high.  A took her time getting there.  She went home, had lunch, told me what was
going on, and then went to the hospital. 
In her defense, she had no idea of just how serious her preeclampsia
situation was.    Remember, Sybil, in “Downton Abbey?” It is a
very serious and dangerous issue for the mother more than the baby inside.  They proceeded to monitor her blood pressure
every fifteen minutes for the next couple of days.  That cannot be fun.  It was indeed no joke.
Tuesday. 4:10am, her water broke.  Yikes! 
Let’s just say it was a very long day. 
When I finally arrived at the hospital on Tuesday late afternoon (after
an intense work day myself), I stayed for a few hours, kept A and S calm and
collected.  I know it was NO fun for
either of them, but it was one of the most exciting nights of my life.  I assured them various times that they could
have the baby without me and I would be okay with it, but neither of them would
have it.  (Tear!)
I knew that she would most likely start labor in the middle of the night.  Therefore, after I left the hospital, I went
straight to bed at 10pm.  I cannot even
remember the last time I went to bed that early.  I slept with the phone right next to my ear
just in case they called.
  The call.  S telephoned and said, “You might want to get
here soon!”  Oh my god.  Was it time? 
Yup, it was going to happen that morning.  I could faintly hear A, from the back, saying
something about my conference call at 9:30am that morning.  I said tell her not to concern herself with
my conference call.  Um, once in a
lifetime event vs. a conference call that could be postponed by a few days.  Not even a consideration in my mind.
The Birth. 
  I arrived at the hospital
at 7:47am.  The details of pregnancy are
sacred, private, and hidden — with good reason.  I will keep them just that.  Let’s just say it was eye opening especially
considering, as a gay man, I am not frequently around vaginas.  Good times!
the doctor pulled the premature baby out, she immediately began to cry.  That was reassuring because, for a couple of seconds, based on the raisin-esque shape of the head during the birthing
process, I was concerned for her life. 
He immediately handed her to the incredible pediatric team. 
was so tiny at eighteen inches long and four pounds twelve ounces.  They were poking her, prodding her, cleaning
her, and I was in complete awe.  So much
so, that I was completely not paying attention when S asked me to cut the
umbilical cord for the second time.  What
an honor!
about imprinting.  I have never loved
anyone so much that I had never met, except for my adorable nephew and newly
born niece (who, I finally get to meet in the next few days).  I was immediately in love.  See, love at first sight does exist, despite
my bitter feelings toward love at the current moment.
checked on “mom” every few minutes, after capturing incredible photos and
video.  At one point, still groggy, she
said, well, now you can make your conference call.  I just laughed.
baby was a little premature, but thank god, she just went under special
observation in the nursery for a few days.
Wednesday. 9:02am. 45 minutes after the
actual birth, I was holding the baby (after “dad” of course) while “dad” was
making the mandatory phone calls to the fam. 
What came next, I would have ever expected.  It was time for “mom” to hold the baby.  I had the absolute honor and privilege of
handing Isabella Cristiana to her mother for the very first time.  It was one of the biggest and most magical
moments of my life.  It still brings
goose bumps to my skin and tears to my eyes.
the way, I made my conference call at 9:30am.)
was truly one of the most special moments in my life.  Thank you, A and S, for allowing me to have
that special moment that I will never ever ever forget.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I visited the family at the hospital after
work all three nights.  Each night when I
came home, I was beyond exhausted.  I can
only imagine how they felt.
Saturday.  They came home.  A friend suggested I buy them dinner, after
all, it was a super long day and week for all. 
We had sushi, at A’s request, of course, with lots of spicy tuna.  Yum!
They left Isabella Cristiana with me for a few hours while they ran some
errands.  It was awesome.  I look forward to sharing many more evenings
with this precious being.  She is amazing
and beautiful, but then again I might be a wee bit partial. (Wink!)
As a
single gay man, my options are limited for children.  I kept thinking, in the delivery room, is
this the closest I’ll be ever to a newborn child?  In that moment, I wholeheartedly decided that
I wanted to have at least one baby the “normal” way.  I cannot imagine the absolute elation mixed
with paranoid feelings that come along with knowing that this baby is now
“mine” and completely under my care.  It
is not a dog.  It is not a chicken or a
goat.  It’s a baby.  Wow.  I
absolutely cannot wait.
happy to report that everyone is doing healthy and well.  A still needs to take it easy for a few weeks,
given her severe condition.
you can tell, I’m a very proud Guncle (gay uncle).

The End.
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A Smile From The Inside Production 🙂