Why Every Girl Needs a GAY BFF!!!

Why Every Girl Needs a GAY BFF!!!

Dear Readers – 
Hello.  Howdy.  Namaste…and all that crap.  I cannot tell you how much your continued support and encouragement means to me.  I am feeling oodles better this week, with much more hope and appreciation in my heart.  I am very grateful for all of you.  Really…I am.
Now, Every Girl Needs a Gay BFF.  Let’s face it, we’re much more fun that straight guys.  Bottom line.
Truth be told.  There’s not much we can’t do together.  We can shop together, watch sappy chick-flicks, and eat healthy meals while we maintain our girlish figures together.  Don’t forget about sharing the latest gossip, sharing our boyfriend issues, and re-capping the latest US Weekly to each other…hemming and hawing about the trials and tribulations of Britney, Lindsay Lohan, and J-Lo. 
Gay guys are always up for a good time, always on your side, and ALWAYS tell you the truth.  You will get never get a “You look Fine” from us.  We take the word “fine” to be just as insulting as ALL straight girls do.  We tell it like it is and not necessarily how you want to hear it.  We will listen for hours and hours as you talk endlessly about your old boyfriend that you just can’t seem to get over OR the new boy that hasn’t called you yet.  Listening is so important.  Knowing the difference between the right time to just listen or the right time to start giving advice and recommendations.  I’m telling you, gay BFFs are the best!!!
You might even say we are more special than the straight girl to straight girl BFFs.  Let me explain.  There will never be fights over guys…duh!  And never ever be jealousy over fabulous outfits, crazy jobs, or lame-ass dudes.  Gay guys definitely and secretly love when their Straight besties have HAWT boyfriends, fiances, or husbands.  Wink!  Wink!  And we champion girls and their lives 100%.  
We got style.  We got spunk.  We got pizazz and a whole lot more!!!  What’s not to love!  I will expound much much more in my third book…i don’t want to give it all away now.  
We are safe.  We are healthy.  We are good for the mind, body, and soul.  We understand women from a place where straight men just absolutely could never penetrate.  Pun definitely intended.  Meaning, most gay guys get women on a molecular level.  We see lives through their POV – point of view.  And we are just as perplexed by stupid guys and their poor choices, no offense to the straight men in the audience…but you are confusing.  Even the gay guys who characteristically run closer to straight guys.  If you think that could be you, it probably is.
And straight guys…Never underestimate the power of a gay BFF.  We can touch and feel without consequences and much quicker than you and for some strange reason, women LOVE to show their boobs to us.  (This one…i still don’t understand).  Later this year, we are gonna talk about how straight men can learn a great deal from gay guys…especially how going to a Gay Bar infinitely multiplies your chances to score an amazing and hawt girl.
How exactly do some straight girls not know this…or attempt to live without one???  Don’t they know that every Grace needs their Will…and every Karen needs their Just Jack for sure!!!
Keeping it simple today, folks!  As i’m hard-core working to finish my trilogy series of “Smiling From The Inside,” I am reminded that being happy and Smiling From The Inside takes a lot of work sometimes.
As another week passes, remember the following:
1) No job, yet!  Keep saying your thoughts and prayers for me!!!
2) My parents were gracious enough to give me a very generous loan.  Yay!
3) If you don’t have a gay BFF, you better find one.  
4) If you find yourself down and sad, remember that to feel emotions is human…and you will heal.
5) And the same old, same old…if you love the BLOG, tell EVERYBODY.  if you don’t, shut the hell up about it.
Thanks for listening.  Love you all, bitches!
Seth(ie) –
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