I really don’t understand why everyone love’s the above “artistic” picture taken of me three weeks ago.  I think it’s very apropos for my birthday blog, however.  So…yesterday was my birthday.  It was a fun day.  It was chill and i made sure at the end of the day, i was surrounded by all of my family here in Los Angeles.  I even got the amazing voicemail from my two-year-old nephew saying, Happy Birthday, Seth!  That was one of the bests.  It will be one of those messages you can never ever delete…well…until you get your new iphone5 or Samsung Galaxy whatever.
This year, i am feeling much happier than i thought i would.  Let me explain.  As you know, I am officially unemployed, searching for my next gig.  I have very little money to live on for the next month or so.  All that going on and i STILL feel damn good.  I am confident this will pass.   Good news:  I have had a couple interviews for full-time and part-time positions available.  Even though I am terrified that my money will run out sooner than later, I also know that I will secure the best thing possible soon.  I just know it and feel it!
Unlike what Suze Orman preaches, i am 34 and still haven’t got together much of a savings.  That is my fault and it sucks.  I have lived paycheck-to-paycheck pretty much since 21 years of age.  Believe me, there have been times of riches and times of the Seth poverty-line, but I have always managed to have food and a place to live.  It is high-time to stop that pattern and start a new one.  Four years ago, when I turned 30, i cried my eyes out, because I had a shit-ton of debt and a job that really wasn’t going anywhere.  Then, within three months, I shifted everything.  Now, i have very little debt, have two books on the way, a tv project getting started which could be HUGE, and lots of crazy-ass ideas for the future.  At least now at 34, i have a grand master plan.  I believe if it weren’t for my book, my emotional support system, and my master plan, i would be very very disheartened.  And by the way, that’s okay too!  Of course, as always, i will keep you updated.
Yesterday, my 34th birthday, is officially my favorite date on Facebook.  As of today, i have 1,341 friends on Facebook.  It doesn’t mean all that much (even though there’s only about 10-15 “friends” i just thought were hot!), but yesterday meant something to me.  For the past four years, i have been watching the amounts of Happy Birthday Seths posted onto my wall.  Of course you know, there’s the little box on the upper right hand corner which reminds you who’s birthday it is.  And i know you all know that it takes about five seconds to send off a little Happy Birthday greeting to your acquaintance or friend.  I make it a ritual that every year and i actually “Like” each and every Happy Birthday post.  It means a lot to me.  Five seconds nowadays is like five minutes in the 80s, right?  And i appreciate those little moments.
Anyway…if you write a little something extra on my Facebook wall, i actually write a reply comment to your “little extra” post.  Two years ago, i was ecstatic with over 100 happy birthdays posted.  Last year, i was beyond myself with over 200 happy birthday wall posts.  This year… this year, i could not even keep up.  I am honest when i tell you that I have received over 350 happy birthday posts and counting, which technically is about 25% of all my friends.  I think that’s awesome.  I was overwhelmed and humbled by the sheer amount of love.  I’d like to think that I am special.  On days like yesterday, I feel extremely special and unique.  Much love to you all.
Here’s a little story that has been in my mind all week.  It is an excerpt from an article written by Alan Cohen on the website Heal Your Life:
A man walked into a restaurant with an ostrich and sat down for dinner. After their meal, the waitress delivered a check for $35.95. The man reached into his pocket, emptied all his bills and change, and came up with exactly $35.95 plus a 15% tip.
The following week the man and ostrich returned, and the same waitress served them. This time the check totaled $41.10. He emptied his pockets and miraculously took out exactly $41.10 plus a 15% tip.
Soon this became a weekly occurrence.
By now the waitress was quite curious. She told the man, “I am astounded, sir, that you take this ostrich to dinner here every week and you always have the exact amount of money to pay your tab plus a tip.  How do you do that?”
“It’s an amazing story,” the fellow explained. “Several years ago while I was cleaning my basement I found an old bottle. When I opened it, a genie emerged and told me I could have two wishes. My first wish was to always have enough money to buy anything I wanted. Now, wherever I go, I simply reach into my pocket and the exact amount of money is there. You have seen me buy my meals this way. I have also purchased a car, house, and vacations. No matter how much anything costs, I find the precise amount in my pocket or checkbook.”
“That’s astonishing!” replied the waitress. “And what was your second wish?”
“To marry a chick with long legs.”
You can pray for something specific and get it. Or you can pray for a quality of life and get that. Praying for specifics is risky, for you are dictating a form. Praying for essence guarantees reward, for you are seeking a satisfying experience.

Remember, it’s all about willing and wishing for a quality of life and abundance thereof.  That makes all the difference and has worked wonders for me over the past birthday week.
1)  Overnight, someone, unbeknownst to me, posted one of my blogs to Reddit.com about “Mrs. Legitimate Rape” and boom…i now have over 1600 views in a twenty-four hour period.  I can’t find it, however!  🙁
2) Oh yeah, and rest assured that over the next two days, i will peruse through all of my facebook wall posts and “Like” or Comment.  It is important for me to do this.
3) The PR Expert i met with last week thinks i got POTENTIAL.  Yay!  Meeting with him this evening to discuss my actual book that he read over the weekend.  I am very excited and very anxious.
4) Remember to dream big.  If you always shoot for the moon, you can easily still land in the stars.  Not a bad place, right?
Until next week…
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