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Hi everyone!  I’ve noticed that I have been very serious of late.  Despite the fact that I have crazy dreams from time to time — an incredible and much needed break from the realities of this life.  For example, last night I dreamt that Anne Hathaway and I were the best of friends and both she and Mandy Moore came to my surprise birthday party (September 25th) at my parent’s beautiful lake house in New Hampshire.  Oh did, I mention, we arrived in a Lamborghini!!  Clearly, my mind has some fun when I close my eyes and rest in my never-never land.
Lately, I have been so serious.  When you are so serious, I believe we miss things.  We miss opportunities. We miss witnessing beautiful things.  This morning on my way to work, for some reason, I noticed the sweet things on the road.  I witnessed cars waving other cars into their row in extreme traffic.  I noticed the crazy people walking around the gayborhood.  Lastly, I noticed the various people in their cars bopping along to their favorite tunes — like myself.
I’ve just been too damn serious of late.  I know that, eventually, I will find the means to be able to write my books and practice my mediumship “readings” all the time.  This will come.  I’ve just been so darn frustrated that it’s happening at a snail’s pace on God’s time and not my own.  I am taking some majorly deep breaths today.
For today, I decided to lighten up your load a bit.  Here are three friggin’ hilarious videos.  Warning, you might cackle a bit, so close the door when you view these.

Born to Create Drama:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzl86IjTpHI&feature=youtu.be

Chubby Indian Kid Dancing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUcPeMs871k

Rodent Pranks (no sound necessary):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMwaA4bqtDc

1)  Trixie Van Goat (my 2-year old Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat) will be having kids within the next 3 weeks.

2)  As an update to last week, the Company finally paid me the full outstanding.  Huge sigh of relief.
3)  Email me at sethsantoro@mac.com to schedule your “Reading” while I am still practicing and prices are low.  This can be done over Skype or Gchat as well.

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