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Lately, when faced with a choice, I find myself asking, “What would Harry Potter do?”  As you all know, it has been a challenging couple of months for me.  With financial issues, work-related issues, etc…, things have been up and down.  There have been a great deal of tough choices made this past year and some were easier than others.  
As most of you know, I am a Harry Potter freak.  So much so, in fact, if Harry Potter were to have bedroom paraphernalia, I would have the sheets, the duvet cover, and the throw, which would undoubtedly double as my invisibility cloak.  I would be ALL about it.  I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in the Harry Potter world, but I have literally read each book three times over and have seen all the movies countless times.  Anyway…my love of Harry Potter is very near and dear to my heart.
What would Harry Potter do?  What does that even mean?  (P.S. I’m talking about Harry, the character, not Daniel Radcliffe).  I have deduced that there are three main qualities at the core of each decision Harry Potter makes.  Those three qualities are Intuition, Non-Violence, and the Just.  Harry follows his gut.  He follows his instinct always comes out in the end.  There is not a violent bone in Harry Potter’s body either.  He practices what we call in Yoga, “Ahimsa,” which is Sanskrit for to do non-harm to those around you.  Lastly, he always does what’s just to all involved.  His moral and ethical compass are astronomically on par to the wisdom of today’s greatest thinkers and doers.
I believe if we all took a little bit more time to think and act like Harry Potter, we would live in incredibly amazing society.  People would have similar moral and ethical compasses; they would have be accepting of our differences and that which makes us unique; and we would be OPEN to anything.  There would also be a great deal more adventures and purposeful chaos.  (meaning chaos with poignance).

Over the past few months, I have been grappling with my own legal dilemma, which stemmed from my last relationship.  We leased a vehicle together.  Therein lies the first issue.  When we broke up, half way through the lease, he wanted to keep the car and I politely obliged.  I drew up not one but actually, over an eighteen month period, three separate contracts/agreements, to ensure that, when the time came to return the vehicle, he would be responsible for ALL the expenses.  I wish I could say those eighteen months went smoothly but they didn’t.  At one point, he even stopped speaking to me…completely (even via text).  That become extremely awkward and challenging to say the least.  
Long story short, when he returned the vehicle (late, I might add), something tells me he did not have the large sum of money to pay the dealership.  So, instead of being honest and forthcoming with me, he just didn’t do anything.  I gave him many many chances over the last several months to make good on the last and final settlement amount, to no avail.  Finally, I had to make the payment myself as it was four days away from affecting my credit.  In my last ditch effort to collect money from him, I did receive a final response, which was to eat shit and die.  Not really the most adult of responses, but I’m sure the judge will love it!  (Note the sarcasm)

Thinking about what Harry Potter would do, I felt that I had given him more than enough time, consideration, and opportunities to do the best thing for all of us.  As angry as I was with him, I still wanted to do what I felt to be just.  Despite many suggestions from others, most of which, wouldNOT have been productive.  Those same friends felt that he was taking advantage of me the entire time.  Perhaps he was.  At the end of the day, I had to do what felt good to me.  Therefore, I followed my intuition, I struggled with the non-violent approach, and I did what was just.  So, now I am taking him to small claims court here in Los Angeles.  I will win!  I will collect the money… just not anytime soon.  This decision was not easy for me.  Now, would Harry Potter sue someone?  That answers really remains in the eyes of the reader.  In this instance, if you listened to all of the facts and evidence, I think he would do the same.  If homeboy would even contact me now and offer up some of the money, I would be willing to listen.  I doubt that’s going to happen though.  Anyway… I’ll keep you posted.

Intuition.  Ahimsa (non-violence).  Just(ice).  Think about them.

So, the next time you need to make a grave decision or even a minor one, think What Would Harry Potter do?

Speaking of Harry Potter…

Did you hear today about the invisibility cloak that the U.S. Army will soon make into a reality?  Read the article here.  It’s called HyperStealth technology.  OMG, perhaps soon we can all become like Harry Potter or like a super hero!  Read about it or watch the video.  It’s absolutely intriguing.
1)  Waiting on a couple of final edits for my book before I send off to publisher.  It’s almost there.  Wow!  It’s really happening!
2)  Everyone send positive energy my way, I have two great opportunities on the horizon for starting in January.  Either one would be absolutely incredible…and my financial troubles will definitely be eased.  Woohoo!
3)  Bessie Cooper, of Monroe, George, age 116, died yesterday.  Wow!  Imagine living 116 years.  Apparently, there are only eight people in the Guinness Book of World Records to have lived that long.  I hope we ALL live to be that old.  Rest in peace, Bessie!
4)  When was the last time you laughed until you cried?  Think about it for a minute.  Take yourself back to that joke or that moment.  (Dramatic Pause!)  If you didn’t just smile, then do it again.
5)  If you liked what you read, share with one other person.  If you didn’t, please be quiet and let me know.
6) Birthday shout out to Heather and Danielle.  Love you both!!!
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