Cirque du Soleil – Totem – Go See It!  NOW!
This show is awesome!  I have seen plenty of Cirque Du Soleil over the past fifteen years, and this was definitely one of my top three shows.  It is jam-packed.  It is fascinating to watch.  And, it is a great time had by all.
The context.  For a Valentine’s Day present, my new bf and I took ourselves to see this incredible show.  After leaving Totem, I couldn’t help but think about the lessons I learned from the spectacular.  I wish I had learned those big and simple ideas in high school.  Why didn’t they teach me this at my Moultonborough Academy?

I don’t want to ruin too much for you, but I highly recommend you run (don’t walk) to see Totem when it comes to your geographical area.

1) With teamwork, dedication, and focus, WE as humans, can accomplish ANYTHING! 

     There were some beyond belief performances where teamwork was necessary to achieve their mind-boggling results.  It reminds me that as hard as it may be to ask for help sometimes, we can accomplish so much more together with those around us.

2) Laugh whenever possible!

     Les-bi-honest, it is a circus after all.  We can find laughter even in the darkest of moments.  Laughter is great for the heart, mind, body, and soul.  I believe that laughter heals.

3)  Practice makes perfect!

     There is no way you can be a performer in a production like Cirque du Soleil without years and years of practice.  I mean, these performers were out of this world and extraordinary.  It reminded me that without proper practice, you can never master anything in your life.

4)  The show must go on!

     There was one mistake, rather almost fumble, in the show that I caught.  Again, I don’t want to ruin too much, but there are these Asian unicyclists.  Bottom line, they were catching bowls on top of their heads in all crazy and silly positions, at various velocities, and from all directions.  One of them caught the metal bowl with her hand (it was at least super close to her head) and quickly placed the bowl in the correct and accurate position.  The audience was soo into it that we all made that “ooooh” “fumble” noise, but instantly forgave her.  After all, she was on a unicycle, pedaling with one foot, and simultaneously throwing and catching bowls.  She was a rock star.  This fantastic Asian performer shook it off instantly and then went on to perform the finale … flawlessly.  It was crazy good!  We could all learn a great from her “fumble” – don’t you agree?

5)  Recognize the beauty all around you in life!

     I know, I know, it’s a little gay in all senses of the world, but it’s the truth.  None of us stop and smell the roses as often as we should.  It reminded me that we can all move a little slower in life and we can all enjoy the beautiful, absolutely stunning home, we call Earth.

6)  Love like you are skating FAST on a tiny elevated platform!

     Another spoiler alert.  In this act, my favorite, Cirque du Soleil went old school with roller skates.  It was a fantastic pas-de-deux (a dance performance with two protagonists) representing the courtship of love, relationships, and life.  Did I mention that these two performers were on a round 6′ X 6′ raised platform, spinning at an alarming rate?   Those two characters had no fear whatsoever.  This reminded me to LOVE fearlessly.  Just how we need to dive into love!  (I don’t think I breathed through the entire act – it was that scary)  Hmmm…just like love.

7)  Strive for excellence ( to hell with mediocrity )!
     Mediocrity is for the birds.  When you strive for excellence, everything around you shifts.  Excellence is where the challenges arise, where the journey intensifies, and where the outcome is all that much sweeter.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  The same with excellence.

In high school, and I paid attention, I believe we are all missing what I call a “Life Skills 101” course.  My course would teach among other life lessons: goal/objective setting, analysis, decision-making, and all of the above.  It’s too bad most of us graduate high school without learning the aforementioned lessons.  Albeit, they are a bit more esoteric, but high school is there to give us a foundation, is it not?
I don’t know about you, but I definitely need more culture, amazement, and live death-defying art in my life.  I look forward to my next show, dance performance, or spectacular.
Final Thoughts:
1) The biggest news is that the fabulous Trixie Van Goat (Vincent Van Goat’s sister) is pregnant.  I will keep you updated and will obviously send pics when available.  Their gestation period (for those enquiring minds) is regularly 3.5 months.  It will be soon!
2)  For some reason, it seems that February 17th is a huge day of Aquarian birthdays.  Shout out to my twin cousins, Hailey and Hannah…and my bf from high school, Heather.  Happy Birthday to everybody else as well!
3)  Courage allows the successful “woman” to fail – and learn powerful lessons – from the failure – so that in the end, she didn’t fail at all.  — Maya Angelou

A Smile From The Inside Production 🙂