Welcome!!!  I am so
honored and enthused to have you be part of the journey of writing this book
with me.  This book will be “a sort-of straight guide to gay
Vision:  To Inspire the
World, one straight-person at a time (or anyone), to better understand gay
people from the Inside Out.
Mission/Intention:  To provoke
thoughtful discussions, provide insight into the fantastic and unique gay
lifestyle, and to gather research in order to write a NYTimes #1 best-selling
book, rooted in truth, integrity, and humour.
Possible Sample
–What are some of the gay
cliches out there?
–Have you ever been to a
–GAY-NESS runs through our
minds in EVERY situation!
 Stepping Out???  Monogamy???  A whole different animal.
–How many feet away is the
nearest hawt gay guy?
–Why are gay guys so hawt?
–What is Grindr?  and how it has transformed gays forever?
–How many times did you
come out?
–How often a day are you
reminded of being straight?
Sound interesting?
 please tell your family, friends, and even your frenemies.
Come and play with me!!!
 Instructions and Commitments to follow…