Wanna taste of “How I Learned To Smile From The Inside”???

Wanna taste of “How I Learned To Smile From The Inside”???

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Below is just a final draft blurb from my Introduction to “How I Learned To Smile From The Inside.”  Enjoy!
When everything feels broken… what
do you do?  How will you ever smile
again?  How do you learn to Smile From
The Inside?
is this so important now?
Life is tough!  There is no
way around that.  Lately, I don’t know
about you, but everywhere I turn, there is sadness, violence, and anger.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the
negative, the gnarly and believe in all the cynicism that exists around
us.  That’s why I have decided to share
my Smile From The Inside approach and S.M.I.L.E. method for healing with you
In all of my research, I have found that universally speaking,
there are only two types of feelings in the world — those that are on the
positive side: happiness, joy, enthusiasm, passion; and those that are on the
negative side: sadness, grief, anger, etc… Someone who Smiles From The Inside lives
life more on the positive side of the feeling tree.   Hence,
it is time for us to change that cynicism and gnarly into hopeful and
life-affirming.  It is time for us to
shift the world consciousness from sadness, violence, and anger into
contentment, peace, and giving.  This is
not an easy task.  It starts with one
person (me) sharing my thoughts and feelings with more people (you).  One by one, by being the change we wish to
see, we can affect change starting at home with our families, to the workplace,
and our respective towns and cities, and so forth.  Let’s make it a global effort.  Let’s all walk the walk and talk the talk.
Choosing to Smile From The Inside is a lifestyle choice.  It is not an abstract state of mind, instead
it is a way to live your life.  Smiling
From The Inside will help you breathe a little deeper, walk a little taller,
and run a little faster.  It’s living a
more centered and balanced experience.  Self-Awareness
is key to this choice of lifestyle.  The
more aware you are, the more authentic you can be, the more confidence you carry
within, and the more efficient you can deal with issues that come up.  Bottom line, we all want an easier go and we
all want a more enjoyable life.  If you
follow the lessons, instructions, and suggestions herein and learn from my
crazy and life-dizzying experiences, it will make your life easier and bring
you more joy. 
You might be curious as to what a person who smiles from the
inside looks like.  Well… they look just
like you and me.  However, when they
smile, their way of being shines through so bright, it is impossible not to
notice the depth, the hope, and the happiness within.  It does not mean they are happy 100% of the
time.   The majority of the time, you can
not only see the truth, giving, and joy but also the enthusiastic life
energy, motivation, and empowerment through only their smile.
So, if everything you have read up until now sounds appealing and you
want a happier and simpler life, read on for more details…
1) This is just a final draft of a blurb.  Don’t worry, there is much much more to the Introduction.  This is just to get people’s attention.  Does it make sense?  Is it catchy?  I am open to thoughts!
2) After my meeting with the PR expert wherein he recommended about 16 changes to improve the overall quality and tightness of the book, i have been editing like crazy for the past five days.  By the way, he thinks it has great potential.  Yay!  FYI – he believes my book could be out before Christmas!
3) This past week i have been reminded to ask questions instead of making assumptions.  I thought i knew that already, but sometimes i forget.   Silly boy!
4) Lastly, I did not thank Adam for helping me out last week for my very special and intimate gathering of my friends and family in LA.  Thank you, Adam! 
5) Don’t forget to watch the Presidential Debate tonight!
6) Guess what show is starting in three weeks on October 22, 2012?  That’s right, bitches!  It’s  RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars!  Woohoo!!!
A Smile From the Inside Production 🙂