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Today, I am in a world of perplexion.  My iCloud/MacMail has been down for going on 30 hours now.  In other words, I have no email through my primary email.  That has been a trip!  It has been full of ups and downs.  I am waiting on a great deal of important emails…or at least it feels that way in my head.  I have actually had to call people instead of email them, it has been unreal.  What the hell did we do before email as a passive-aggressive individual?
Today, I was reminded by Romney’s disappointing comments with regard to the terrible attacks in Benghazi, Libya yesterday.  Not only do I think it in poor taste to make a political judgment on the Obama administration’s handling of the attacks to gain some momentum in the ratings, but I strongly disagree with the message he put forth last night: “When our grounds are being attacked and being breached … the first response of the United States must be outrage.”  To me, Romney’s comments are basically saying, We will NOT be treated like this and there WILL BE retaliation.  It’s a typical fear-based response.  It’s not coming from a place of strength, in my opinion, that’s defending from a place of weakness.
I do NOT believe in war, at all.  I do NOT believe that a resolution of violence is ever the answer.  I do NOT believe in the retaliation of arms.  Furthermore, anger and outrage only beget further anger and outrage.  A clear example of that mentality is evident in the hatred and disgust displayed by young Muslim’s in the Middle East.  Some are taught to hate the United States and the West for our “treatment” and “handlings” of certain Islamic countries or religious differences.  Those are such an unfortunate situations.  Don’t you agree?   What are we doing to thwart those belief systems in young people (as well as old) around the world, let alone the Middle East?  I know I make a conscious effort to be a great example of an American, everywhere I go.  Do you?
And as far as Obama goes…um…McKayla’s not impressed.  Even condemning the attacks is a bit harsh, don’t you think?  Obama makes it sound like we will no longer TOLERATE that type of behavior without retaliation.  That’s what these extremist groups want.  They want to perpetuate fear of the masses.  They want to perpetuate the on-going idea that Americans and the West are the enemy.  My suggestion would be to stop giving them what they want: Attention and the further belief that they are strong in their cause.
Unfortunately, I believe neither party handled this well.  Can we not make it seem as though this is horrible AND we are deeply saddened.  At the end of the day, I’m not a politician nor a PR expert, so I really don’t understand the nuances behind how best to deal with these extremists.  Since this is my blog, though, I can voice my opinion and am open to other recommendations.  Please?
Emotionally speaking, anger can be a helpful response.  It’s how you know someone or something has hurt you, has disappointed you, or has triggered a response from you.  Instead of first offering a response of anger and outrage, why not offer a response of hurt and disappointment.  How about something like…We are disappointed that a small group within a nation, for whom we all wish success, given their recent history, would perpetuate further violence and oppression.  We are hurt and saddened by such behavior and acts against those who are only trying to do the best they can to help.  We extend our thoughts and prayers to all those involved, directly or indirectly, in these horrendous and unfortunate attacks.
How does that sound?  Wouldn’t that perpetuate feelings of togetherness, feelings of humility, and feelings of “this will not bring us down” without having to say such harsh words?  I don’t know, but I believe it would bring the world closer in unity rather than increasing the division.  What are your thoughts?
1)     This weekend we attended another beautiful wedding here in Southern California.  Just wanted to let you all know that I was officially billed as an Honorary Bridesman in the wedding program. That is amazing! Thanks, B! 
2)      We have finished editing the book.  The Book Cover Photos last week came back fabulous.  I’m uploading final docs and logos today.  My book is still slated for a Halloween release.  So excited!!!
3)      Wanted to take a moment to once again appreciate you all for your constant support and thoughts regarding this blog and my upcoming book, How I Learned to Smile From The Inside.
4)      Next week, stay tuned for a sneak peak of my new upcoming book, “How I Learned to Smile From The Inside”!!!
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