“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story 
inside you.” 

So, my friend leans over to me and asks…

If You Were Standing…

 In Front Of 7 Billion People…

(With The Entire World Watching)…

 And You Could Only Share THREE Ideas/Concepts, 

What Would They Be?
I had no effing idea what to say.  I mean, I had thought about this question on many different levels beforehand, but this was the very first time it wasn’t a “rhetorical” within my own head.  This person was expecting an answer.  And NOW!
Friend:  Don’t think about it, just tell me!
Me:  (My immediate response was…) Um…something about being unique.  Treasure the uniqueness and be exactly who you are at every minute.  (I was pretty proud of myself…for a second)
Friend:  Really?  You just lost the Ukranian woman who has swept chimneys for thirty some-odd years.  She could give two shits about you and your uniqueness.  Try again!
(He really was trying to help! :/)
Me:  Well…let me think…  It would probably have something to do with HOPE.  No matter what you are going through, there is always hope.
Friend:  Yes!  That’s exactly it!  That’s one.  Go!  Come on!  What do we see in every movie?  In every play?  In every performance?  In every story?
(I didn’t even have time to be proud.  I just kept thinking!)
Me:  Well…I believe it would have something to do with PEACE, I mean, there is so much hatred out there and …
Friend:  Good!  Keep going!
Me:  Oh, I see where you are going with this.  I would want to share with the world about GRATITUDE and appreciation.  We really need to be grateful for what we have…
Friend:  Wow!  That wasn’t what I had in mind, but that’s good.  I’ll give it you.  That might actually intrigue the Ukranian woman to listen to the rest of what you have to say.  Come on, there’s one more big one!
Me:  Oh, well…there would have to be something about LOVE.  Perhaps unconditional love or something.  (I kind of gagged and made a yucky face.  I felt cheesy even saying it.  I have lots of love in my life, just not a romantic love that literally sweeps me off my feet.)
Friend:  Bingo!  You gave me four and I only asked for three, Bravo!  Now, what do you do with that information?
Me:  They are universal concepts that inspire, encourage, and provide people comfort.  Wow!
Friend:  Every book, every movie, would not appeal to the mass audiences if it weren’t for one of those concepts.  And, of course, there are some others, but those are the major ones.  Your second book right now sounds like a personal memoir and NOT a self-help book utilizing one of these universal concepts.  Nobody gives a fuck about you until you are famous, infamous, or have done extraordinary things in the public eye.  No offense.
Me:  None.  Taken.
Friend:  It sounds like you are going to have to re-write your book.  (Big Smile)
Me:  Ugh.  (grimace, grimace, grimace, sad face).
Friend:  You tell amazing stories and have had some incredible experiences, but it seems like your go-to in writing is not as spiritual or deep as you personally come across.  I know it’s in you.  We just have to to coach you to get you there!
Me:  Wow.  Um.  Thanks.  Um.  Ugh.
The conversation continued and he gave me some great advice and some great examples of formulas to consider as I create the new outline for my book, and commence the re-writing process for my book.  To be honest, it completely RE-invigorated me and RE-inspired me to write the best book ever.
Bottom line folks, there really are a few truly Universal concepts which the whole world craves:  LOVE, HOPE, PEACE, GRATITUDE, etc…etc… 
What makes sense to you?


1)  Everyone say a prayer for our little hen, Daisy.  She is very sick.  Five hours at the hospital this weekend and more doctor’s appointments to come.  At what point, do you just call it quits?  She’s a chicken, for god’s sake.  Luckily,  I haven’t hit that point yet.
2)  Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.  And be specific!  For the past two to three months, I have asked for ABUNDANCE, every night before I went to bed and every morning when I awoke.   At first, it was hard.  I was pretty upset and NOT feeling abundant at all.  Shifting my emotions, helped tremendously.  
3)  Now, I am feeling abundance all around. It’s awesome!  In fact, I have been feeling so much abundance, I have now wished for BALANCE.
34  Today, I my favorite day of the year, JUNE 24, 2013.  I love the number 24 and I love the month of June.  Have a great day everyone!
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A Smile From The Inside Production 🙂