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Happy Wednesday!  The above pic reminds me of either an asteroid, one second prior to its collision with Earth or Voldemort (He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named) disintegrating into thin air at the end of Happy Potter, Book Seven.  (I really hope I didn’t ruin the end for anyone.  Oops!)  It’s incredible, right?  I have been looking at this picture for two weeks now, and I am still as intrigued by its poignancy and brilliance as the first moment I laid eyes on it.
This incredible art piece reminds me of a couple very important things we all need to remember from time to time.  More specifically those important things we all need to know to defeat and conquer the darkest moments before the dawn.
#1:  ACKNOWLEDGE THE SITUATION.  In order to deal with any type of trauma, crisis, or mini-crisis, we must first acknowledge what’s happening to us.  It might not happen immediately.  It might take some time.  We might need to even give time, time.  
Yesterday, after months of trying to ignore intense physical pain in my entire left ankle area, I finally went to the podiatrist.  Thank God I did, because he immediately diagnosed me as having an avulsion fracture.  To him, it was no biggie.  Once the x-rays confirmed the fracture, he immediately went into physician warp speed of diagnosis, prognosis, next steps, etc… without me!    
Thirty minutes later, I walked out of his office in a state of disbelief, or as I like to call it, Shock.  As the work-day progressed, I really thought I was feeling fine and all was good.  I like to call this Mock-cceptance, a sort of fake acceptance.  So what if I need to get a brace, orthotics, need an MRI, right?   So, what?  
It was not until my way home that the emotions started to brew inside.   I was angry at myself, sad, aggravated to spend sooo much of my little bit of extra money.  I refer to this phase as In Overwhelmdom.  Any and all poignant emotions were coming to the surface…and fast.  Let them come and be not afraid.
#2:  IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE.  Let’s face it.  This, whatever happened to you, is no fun!  It’s a shame.  It’s aggravating.  It’s a pain in the butt.  Yes to all of those things.  Once you have acknowledged the situation, with or without your awareness, the energy shifts and therefore some type of “space” opens up for the next stages in your dealing, wheeling, and healing from this latest crisis or mini-crisis.  We must remind ourselves, it could always be worse.  Because, really, it could be.
After one looong car ride home, sharing my emotional angst with my mom and a couple of good friends, and the help of the latest Top 40 Re-mix, the overwhelmedness subsided and I started to see my mini-crisis as a solid reminder that I must continue to take excellent care of my body.  I call this part of the process, Learning.  Therefore, I must go to my dermatologist soon as well as my oncologist in order to prevent future cancer issues as well.  And, as a plus, I could drop them both off some copies of my books to keep in their offices.  (Why not?)
It could always be worse.  Say it three times to yourself and remember it.  It’s so true and a great reminder to be grateful and appreciative whenever possible.  What if I need surgery?  What if I have broken my angle all together?  Then, I would have to sport that wonderfully sexy “BOOT” to every social event, movie, work.  Ugh.  I’m much happier with my brace.  Subtle.  Under the clothes.  No one even knows.  
Silent strength.  It could always be worse.
#3:  THE BEST IS YET TO COME.  The third extremely important thing to remember when faced with an icky situation is to Embrace it fully.  I just don’t think acceptance is enough anymore.  We get to enthusiastically and passionately Embrace the issue at hand and remind ourselves that The Best IS Yet To Come.   
I want you to think and feel something at the same time.  Notice the difference in energy between saying, “This Too Shall Pass”.  Ok.  Now, what if I said to you, “The Best is Yet To Come?  Do you feel the difference?  Do you feel how one is filled with non-specific, muted, and non-validation whereas the other is filled with hope, excitement, and unique celebration?
To be honest, I’m still working with this concept of Embracing with regard to my ankle sitch.  It’s not that easy.  This last phase of the healing process takes time.  It takes patience and an incredible amount of understanding.  Since I still don’t really understand what this all means, I have a ways to go, yet.  All I know is that I am going to do everything in my power to physically heal my ankle!
So, what you need to know when in those darkest moments are: 1) Acknowledge the Situation; 2) remind yourself It Could Always Be Worse; and 3) for good measure, tell yourself The Best Is Always Yet To Come.

1)  I will be receiving the final pdf version TODAY of my book, “How I Learned To Smile From The Inside” for one final proof.  Hopefully, that means a few more days before all of you can purchase my book online.  OMG.
2)  I’m working on some short web-tutorials for what I’m going to call SMILETV.  It’s all very exciting.
3)  Here’s a gentle reminder.  Don’t just purchase one book, purchase more than one for your family, you friends, your boyfriend, girlfriends, etc…
4)  Have an incredible week everybody!  Until next time!

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