My goats turned one-year-old yesterday and it’s felt like five years to me.  Is that the most important thing?  No.
The beautiful quote above spoken by yours truly…is that the most important thing you’ll learn today.  Nope.
You know that crazy expression, “…When Pigs Fly”.  I feel like something major has shifted recently because when Colin Powell definitively posits for marriage equality for all, something’s over or some miracle has happened, right?  You don’t believe me, watch an incredibly short video:  Respect for Marriage.  That’s not the most important thing either!
I just keep thinking about time today.  It’s all Vinnie’s and Trixie’s fault.  The world is changing faster and faster every day.  I cannot even imagine what the world will look like in TWENTY years, let alone FIFTY years.  Social media, to name one item, has invaded and bombarded our lives.  Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Tumblr, Newsle, Google+, and Pinterest (personally my fave) have us all by the balls now, don’t they?  When was the last time you took a twenty-four hour break from it all?  Can’t remember?  Perhaps, it’s time you did.   It’s extremely refreshing and re-invigorating.  Most important thing to learn today?  Nope, not it either.
I mean, think about my goats.  They have no idea that Pinterest and Facebook even exist…nor do they know I have shared more than thirty pics of them on various media sites, including my very own website,   They live in a constant state of bliss with only three major concerns: eating, pooping, and playing.  Sounds like a great life to me.  They survive…somehow.  I’m only asking for twenty-four hours.  Can you do it?
Speaking of time… Last Friday, when Asteroid 2012 DA14 entered into Earth’s atmosphere at a distance of 17,500 miles, I don’t know about you, but I was scared.  I was terrified that perhaps they had it all wrong.  I was scared even more so because not five hour earlier, thousands of people were clearly not expecting a Meteorite to crash and explode over the Ural Mountains in Russia.  How did we not know about that meteor when we have known about Asteroid 2012 DA14 for years?  Doesn’t that make you a little concerned? 

The Most Important Thing You’ll Learn Today is …


That’s why we gotta wake up and be grateful for life.  I know it’s not always easy.  Trust me, with my three torn ligaments, my ongoing quest for my new job, my self-worth issues, my exhausting book promotions, and my emotional battle with living a “Smile From The Inside” lifestyle, it’s indeed challenging to find the brighter side of life.  Here’s your friendly reminder to let you know that YOU woke up today.  You are ALIVE.  You are HERE.  Be grateful that you are alive.  Be grateful that you are here.   No matter how crummy you’re feeling right now or at any point, there is always hope.
If that doesn’t help you even a little, call me and I’ll help you.  I swear.  Call me and I will do my best.


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5)  Can anyone honestly answer me the following question?  Why are most straight men/VPs intimidated by my business acumen, especially when they don’t know me or my background that well?

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