Deborah Mechanic

It’s not everyday you hear from a psychic saying, “I heard from your sister and she wants me to offer you a reading”. Are you a skeptic? Well I certainly am! Except for the fact that there was a known pattern there! A personal pattern that Seth would not have known about, unless my sister had reached out to him to reach out to me! The back end is: for many years, my sister (when she was alive) would often gift me psychic readings for my birthday, or other occasions. Was my sister preparing me for this relationship with Seth, for this adventure? I am certain Seth reaching out to me was indeed a gift from my sister. A gift that only my sister could give.

I absolutely loved my session with Seth. Seth is a very gifted person, very laid back, and so much fun to talk. I know his talents reach far deeper than where we went on our first session. I was grateful for his time and insight. I can’t wait to talk with him again… I feel a kinship with Seth.

-- Your sister, Linda, was a gift to me and this world. I think about her sooo much!