“The Story of the Red Envelope”

“The Story of the Red Envelope”

A few years back, I was doing a reading for a young lady who had recently lost her grandmother. As usual, throughout my morning meditation, I received three images that stayed with me all day long. The number 34, a clear image of a “motherly-type” energy, and the iconic Red Envelope. When the young lady entered my house, I knew she would want some tea, as I have a very simple tea ritual that I perform prior to each reading. She politely agreed to some tea, and, as I was preparing the tea, I couldn’t help but inquire about the three very distinct pieces of information that had remained with me throughout the workday. It turns out that this lady had in fact just turned 34 that week. I wasn’t really surprised by this but was definitely encouraged by her affirmation. As life would have it, she confirmed that her grandmother raised her like her own child. That was all great and good, but to be honest, I was most interested in the third and final image. I was, perhaps, a little reluctant to inquire about the Red Envelope as it’s such a specific evidential fact which could have been totally incorrect, but…

Finally, when I asked her about it, she began to sob uncontrollably and made a mad dash for the front door. I didn’t know if I had offended her or if she was too scared and wanted out. Either way, it was a first for me. She began ruffling through her bag and much to my surprise, she took out a little packet of tissues and says, I hope this is enough for me. (Just to let you know, I always have Kleenex around when doing readings… it’s an occupational must). She then looks up at me and continues to cry vehemently with sobs, sniffles, and the whole thing. It’s always bittersweet for me in these tender moments of grief. On the one hand, I am overjoyed that I have provided a true or deep connective fact, but on the other hand, I never mean to cause anyone immediate grief or sadness. I do relish in those moments as it means poignant healing, yet at the same time, we cannot continue the reading until the individual composes themselves at least a little. After a few moments of consoling her and trying to get a little laugh out of her, knowing full well, that I have nailed an extremely poignant and special memory, I had to ask…what’s the story with the Red Envelope?

The young lady began telling me a story about how her grandmother’s health was deteriorating quickly in the beginning of February. She bought her grandmother a valentine’s day card and planned a trip to hopefully see her grandmother one last time prior to her passing. Unfortunately, just before boarding the plane, she received word that her grandmother had passed and that she would be presenting the eulogy at her grandmother’s funeral later that week. On the plane, she took out this beautiful card with words of encouragement, love, and passion and began to write the entire eulogy within the confines of the card.

Needless to say, it was a tough few days for this young lady. At the viewing, reading word for word from the card, she gave the most incredible eulogy with tears streaming from her heart and extreme sadness in her eyes. She was so proud she made it through the eulogy without collapsing in anguish. (This is a very common concern given the situation, no?). Kudos to her! When the last person had exited the viewing room and were moseying over to the burial reception directly following, the young lady, placed the now extremely and torn card beside her grandmother, said a little prayer, and quietly backed away from the casket to join the others.

Fast forward to a few months later (today), the crazy thing was, the entire day, this young lady was feeling all sorts of emotions prior to the reading, but most of all, was curious if her grandmother knew that she had left that card with her.

When the young lady finished telling me this story with smiles and tears, we looked at each other, paused by a beautiful and deafening silence. Silly me, I still didn’t get the significance of the Red Envelope. After what felt like three minutes, but was probably closer to about fifteen seconds, I said like a dork, “and the Red Envelope…?”

“Oh,” she said casually, “did I not mention that the Valentine’s Day card was in the most beautiful Red Envelope I had ever seen and when I saw the card/envelope, I just knew my grandmother would love it.”

“Oh wow.” Tears running down my face. (I was crying, she was crying). “Well, then, this is the most beautiful acknowledgement I have ever witnessed. Everyone should be so lucky to have such an incredible gift of love and acknowledgement within the first five minutes of any reading.” We then smiled, humbled by the incredibleness of the situation. The reading continued…and still to this day, remains one of the most beautiful evidentiary facts for me…and her.

As this past week was Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share this with you. A reading can be the most amazing, healing, incredible gift from God. If you would like a reading, log on to my website at www.iamsetheliot.com and schedule a reading and/or text me and we can figure out a mutually agreeable time.

And now, I am overjoyed to announce that I am doing PreNatal Readings. Let’s talk to the little ones growing inside you. It is an incredibly fun and unforgettable time to ask all your questions and for them to tell you some crazy and perceptive things as well. If you are expecting, and want to experience this, let me know. I’ll even do readings in exchange for social posts.

A Smile From The Inside production 🙂