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Intuitive HR. The Healing Path. The Death Expert.

HR Expert

The Intuitive Workplace Series
  • The Intuitive Employee
  • The Intuitive Leader
  • The Intuitive Executive

Healing Expert

Smile From The Inside Series
  • Learn To Smile From The Inside
  • You Can Heal From Anything
  • The Intuitive Healer

Death Expert

There Are No Rules Series
  • There Are No Rules in Death
  • There Are No Rules in Grieving
  • There Are No Rules in Healing



SethEliot, You were awesome!  I honestly was surprised by how incredible the response to your speaking was (at our Regional Facilitators Meeting) and continues to be 3 years later.  Amazing!


SethEliot is fantastic with teens!  He has spoken at my high school in my classes several times.  Kids just loved his personality and were immediately drawn to him.  Students not in my class even asked if they could join in another class to hear his presentation.  SethEliot speaks from the heart! -- Laura Mejia-Torrez, Highschool Teacher


SethEliot - We were so happy to have you.  You brought a refreshing light to our Library.  It was an honor to hear you speak.  Thank you so much for coming to our Library.


SethEliot, When you came to speak about your journey I was not sure how our members would react, however I was greatly surprised. Our members loved you and your story. You were very engaging and kept everyone laughing. Your story was not just moving but hit to the center of my heart. You are an inspiration to anyone who hears your story. Should you be wondering if SethEliot is a good speaker, let me assure you he is a great speaker and you will be lucky to have at your event -- Kerry Riley, Enki Health & Research Systems

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