So, what is mediumship?? – The Basics (Part One)

So, what is mediumship?? – The Basics (Part One)

the past two years of doing the most purposeful work I could ever imagine, I am
routinely asked the same questions – time and time again.  It is my absolute most favorite topic to
discuss – well, mediumship AND death. 
Over the next few weeks, I have decided to share the basics, the myths
vs. facts, and the most frequently asked questions on my developing
journey.  Here’s a glimpse into my new
So, what is mediumship?
has their own version of how they tell people. 
Theresa Caputo (aka The Long Island Medium) says repeatedly, “I talk to the dead!”  The little boy from “The Sixth Sense” says, “I
see dead people!”  For me, Mediumship is
three words:  Connection.  Interpretation.  Messages.
SethEliot (my official medium name) – and yes, Eliot, is my actual middle name,
I believe that mediumship is the ability to CONNECT with our deceased loved
ones, be them former humans or former pets via all of the senses.  For example, I can see (inside my mind),
hear, feel, touch, and sometimes even smell and taste specifics about their
lives.  (I’ll talk more about how these
senses work in a future post.)
more than that, though.  It’s the complex
and anything-goes INTERPRETATION of signs, symbols, words, letters, dates,
numbers, feelings, images, and clips into specific, clear (clear, being the
operative term), and meaningful messages to the loved ones in front of me.
MESSAGES are hands-down the most prolific, the most cathartic, and where the
life-altering magic happens.  There’s
nothing in the world better than hearing your deceased loved one ask for
forgiveness or take responsibility for the years of silence between you.  It’s where the harrowing and crippling guilt
and shame end and the healing and release begin. 
tuned…way more to come!!!
Final Thoughts:
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