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Mondays.  Sometimes.  Suck!  
Can I get an Amen?
It was about four am when I switched positions this morning still reeling from a fantastic weekend.  However, not three hours later, when the alarm went off, at 7am, the first thing I felt was a large feeling of dread.  Ugh.  
I hope it happens to all of you too (sometimes).  I really hope so.
Today, I woke up and haven’t really been able to shake the feeling that I am NOT supposed to be where I am right now.  I understand universally I am exactly where I am supposed to be, but I definitely didn’t feel that this morning.  I also know that I’m on a slow and pragmatic journey right now.  As most of you know, I am looking for my plan B (full time position in HR), in order to successfully be able to do my Plan A (writing and expand my “intuitive” coaching and mediumship passion/business).  I grow frustrated from time to time. Patience is very hard for me these days.
I am usually much better at overcoming my dreadfulness emotions and quickly squash them by believing that something wonderful and fantastic is coming my way.  I mean, I think I deserve it.  For some reason, this time, I just can’t shake the feeling.  As I was thinking about blog ideas, I thought what a better way to help other sufferers from the same dreadfulness as I have felt all day.
So, if the regular positive self-talk doesn’t help, try one of these :
1)  Make a Mental List of Recent Accomplishments.
We all have so many forgotten or under-appreciated daily accomplishments.  We also have all finished gynormous tasks and have taken them for granted.  Make a list of them.  See how they stack up?  And up!  And up!  Sometimes even the smallest accomplishments like gathering all my tax information yesterday can seem like a huge win!
I wrote a book and published it exactly twelve months ago.  Can that still count??  I’ve only sold about 300 copies, but it’s better than 50, right?
2)  Make a Mental List of Things To Look Forward to.
My mom actually suggested this one to me.  Don’t forget about that weekend trip to Ojai on the horizon, or a great dinner with a friend on Thursday night.  We all have so many great and exciting things to look forward to, right?  This works fast and even writing about it has helped me feel a wee bit better.  Do it!
3)  Appreciate Friends & Family.
This might speak to you now, or it may not.  I have a totally scrumptious nephew, M, three and a half years old, that recently admitted to his father (my brah-in-law) that I was his BEST Friend.  Um…that makes me feel many things simultaneously.  First, is how effing adorable.  Second, is how much do I adore that kid. Third, is I live 3000 miles a away from him, how can I possibly maintain that status for the remainder of his life?  All of which are completely manageable issues to have, right?  Relish in the love and adoration of your friends and loved ones, especially those under five years old.
4)  Be Grateful for Anything…
I am grateful for House of Cards – Season Two, The Walking Dead, and my little goats.  I am grateful for RuPaul’s Drag Race, which actually starts this evening.  I am really happy that someone over at Merriam-Webster’s online division decided to have some fun today and showcased the word “SASHAY” as the word of the day.  If you don’t watch the show, it is what RuPaul says at the end of every episode to dismiss the last place Drag-testant after a grueling “Lip Sync for their Life” dance-off.  Ru-Mazing!  It’s definitely the little things.
5)  This is Temporary!
Other than death and taxes (which I’m doing tomorrow – wish me luck), there is no permanency to anything. I repeat “Nothing” is set in stone in your life.  This always makes me feel better.  That way, I know that little by little, my circumstances will change – ’cause it’s inevitable.  This thought gives me so much hope when all other tactics fail.  It truly is the light at the end of my long, dark tunnel.
6)  Reach out for Support.
This is something I never want to do.  I don’t like to show anyone weakness – EVER.  This is probably one of the biggest “improvement” areas of my life.  Meaning, I need to work on it!  I really try everything else prior to reaching out to a friend, a boyfriend, or a co-worker.  This is my last ditch effort prior to jumping off the proverbial cliff.  Friends are there for a reason.  Use them!
BONUS:  Take a moment to think about your PETS.  Think about the GREAT pets that you have had and the AWESOME ones which are yet to come!  This always brings a smile to my face.  ๐Ÿ™‚
Now, even after you do all of the above, it is still not a guarantee to feel better.  For me, writing this blog definitely made me feel loads better and I appreciate the platform and creativity to be able to do so.  For me, it’s all about hope and looking toward a Spectacular 2014.  Good luck to everyone!  Happy Monday!


1)  As of yesterday, we have confirmed that Skype/GChat sessions with people is a completely viable way for our deceased love ones to come through.  So, let the Skype/Google Chat readings commence!
2)  Big Shout Out today to my bestie, Heather, who is my number #1 reader of the blog.  She always reads my blog the instant she receives it.  I love you.  You’re McTastic AND McRad!
3) This morning, I came across an article: 13 Reasons why Baby Goats are the Greatest Things since Sliced Bread on BuzzFeed.  You can also click on the link below to see it.  Some of you have experienced these cutie pies first hand with me!  This is an actual picture of my Vincent (Vinnie) Van Goat at about seven days old.  Yum!
“13 Reasons why Baby Goats are the Greatest…”

A Smile From The Inside Production ๐Ÿ™‚