SethEliot’s Psychic Adventure Course — Take Two

SethEliot’s Psychic Adventure Course — Take Two


Hello!  Thanks for clicking on the link or reading this little blog post.  It’s been a while.

We are here today to talk about my upcoming Psychic Adventure Course.

So, here is everything you want to know and probably a little bit more…

What? — It’s SethEliot’s Psychic Adventure Course – The Second Round

The format of the class is simple:

  1. Meditate / Questions
  2. Lesson of the Week
  3. Exercises to Practice
  4. Group Development Readings
  5. Closing / Questions

Each class, we explore your intuition; we explore your mediumship work; we explore energy healing; and we explore chakra clearing.  It’s gonna be a very very fun time.  I’ll answer any questions you may have.  Additionally, I am always open to learning new things from other intuitives, healers, and mediums as well.  It’s a very open and casual course.

Who? — This is for anyone who thinks they might have a sixth sense?  Have you ever just known something?  Do you often feel things around different types of people?  Have you ever explored your intuition?  Then, this class is for you.  Additionally, if you are a body healer, energy healer, or Reiki artist, perhaps you might want to develop those other feelings you are receiving when doing your special work.  Everyone is invited.

If you would like to join SethEliot’s Psychic Adventure Course, click here to sign up…!

Where? — At my house on North Orlando Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.

When? — Starting Wednesdays, September 13th from 7:30 – 9:30pm ( for 4 consecutive weeks ).

So, September 13th, September 20th, September 27th, and October 4th.  There may be an extra class added on October 11th.  More details to come on that later.

Now is it time for you to sign up.  Click here!

How? — All you have to bring is your open mind, your focus, and your presence.  That’s it!

Why? — Because you deserve this.  Because you have been wondering about this for quite some time.  Because you may have always been too scared to do the research to find a class like this.  Because, it’s the right time.  Do it!

If after reading all of this, you just want a READING with yours truly, then rock on.  Click here!

I’ll be back soon with more posts!!

Lots of love, especially to Charlottesville and Barcelona.



P.S.  For more information (or parking information), contact me directly at 323-204-2974.