I am Seth Eliot Santoro, CEC. I am an Intuitive Coach, Author, and Medium. I help people heal themselves. I help you to identify patterns, break free from your past, and re-engage in your present, so you can smile from the inside and re-design your life to be full of adventure and wonder. One of my greatest passions is to help you sleep easier at night. I love being that breathe of fresh air, offering tiny perspective shifts, or reminding you to just say No. Through my intuition, I tell you exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it.
Intuitive Business Coach
  • What is an Intuitive Business Coach?
  • What do I offer?
  • Why now?
  • What is an Intuitive Business Coach?

    I help leaders sleep soundly at night.

    I help them get clear.

    I empower Leaders, mostly CEOs and Execs, to “Reframe Their Minds and Reclaim Their Destinies,” so they can create and build a better legacy for themselves and everyone around them. I do this by partnering with them to recognize, identify, and shift their behavioral patterns and survival mechanisms in order to re-engage and re-commit to their present, so they can break-free from their past, reframe their present, and be a more intuitive and better leader.

    Over the past 20 years, I have developed a unique set of skills/abilities which set me apart from all other coaches out there. I help clients change their lives through insight, clarity, awareness, discussion, reflection, intuition, and acceptance. Using my S.M.I.L.E. Method of Healing, my 20+ years in Corporate America, my HR Advisory work, and my Intuitive capabilities, I make a difference in each and every client’s life.

    Together, we can overcome absolutely anything. If you want more information or might want know someone who would be interested, let me know.
  • What do I offer?

    There are two ways to work with me:

    1) One-on-One Intuitive Business Coaching (6-month minimum)

    2) A 12-week Live Group Coaching Program

    Connect with Me to learn more information!
  • Why now?

    1) Because you are wasting valuable and precious time…

    2) Because you have already missed out on so many wonderful moments and opportunities.

    3) It is time. You are tired. You are tired of the same old game and the same old. It is time for you to make the change. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I can help you.

    Let me guide you.

Whether the above sounds pretty amazing or pretty terrifying to you, listen up. All of this change, transformation, and healing begins with you. I can’t do this without you. You must want it. You must want to change your current status quo…badly. You must take the first step.


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