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Here’s a little glimpse into my life of late.  I hope you enjoy.  If you have questions at the end, feel free to ask me in private.

Sometimes, all you need is someone to pick up on the other end of the line and everything starts to feels better.
Today, I received a very unique phone call from a young woman I met last month.  As soon as I laid down on her massage table, and I started receiving information about this woman’s life and past.  Bottom line, the spirit of her un-born four-year-old son was visiting with me while she was giving me a glorious massage mixed with a little bit of Reiki.  He gave me all sorts of personal and detailed information about this woman.  Mind you, I knew nothing about this woman going into the session, but it was a whole different story on the way out of the room.  Turns out, she was a little bit clairvoyant, but completely freaked out by her own gifts.  I definitely resonated hearing that.
We chit-chatted throughout the entire session which means I unfortunately didn’t get quite the relaxing massage I had anticipated, however, this young woman received the messages she was supposed to.  It’s all relative, right?  At the end of the massage, she gave me a few hugs (an incredible occupational perk) and I handed her my card.  I told her if she ever needed something or wanted to speak to someone, I would be honored to help her.  Fast forward four or five weeks until today.
Ring. Ring.  (On my little iphone.)
“Hello?  This is Seth!”  (which I truly believe is such a silly way to answer the phone, but that’s neither here nor there)
“Hi Seth, this is J.”  (I had no idea who it was… except I knew the area code.)
“I’m good, how are you?” (I thought I might know who it was if I heard a few more words, but to no avail. )
“Not too good!”  (I paused for a second.  I vaguely recognized the voice.) 
Finally, I had to ask, “How do I know you?”
“I’m the girl that gave you a massage at the Oaks a few weeks ago and you and I are alike in a great deal of ways.  You said if I ever needed a mentor to call you.  You still interested?”
She sounded defeated.  I could feel her energy through the phone that she was having quite a tough time.
“Of course, I meant what I said!  I’ll do my best!  What’s going on?” (Wow!  She actually took me up on my crazy stranger offer!)
“My grandmother died yesterday, have you felt her?”
“Uhhhh…no!  Well…that stinks!”
“I also felt a great deal of pain a few minutes ago and then a bunch of sadness, grief, and heartache pretty much all at the same time.  My palms started sweating and my heart started pounding…what do you think it was?”
I thought to myself, An anxiety attack??
She continued, “I’ve never felt anything so strong!  At the exact moment, I thought of you and felt like you were the only thing that saved me from that terrible moment or two!”
“Glad I could help??  Wow!  That’s kind of amazing in a weird yet spiritual way!”  (Hey!  I’m adjusting to a new lifestyle of spirituality and mentorship – in that world – is still new to me.  Gimme a break!)
“Do you know what happened?  It felt like my whole world had ended yet at the same time, it felt as if all my pain and suffering were over!”
She didn’t even give me to time to respond before she immediately went on to advise that, ironically, I was the last massage she had given, for she injured her hand shortly thereafter AND that since her mother left for Mexico, her mother could not return for quite some time, if ever.  That meant, she had no baby-sitter for her three children and she was currently on Workers’ Comp leave (meaning, very little income), and Workers’ Comp hadn’t paid her anything yet.  It was a living nightmare.  She paused.  I literally thought this poor young woman was going to have a nervous break down on the phone with me.
I started having trouble breathing and took that as an extreme caution/sign to advise her to calm down, breathe, and take one thing at a time, one day at a time.
I completely understood, however, what had happened with her mother and grandmother.  Somehow, this actually made complete sense to me.  After inquiring on a few more questions, to which she replied that her mother was attending the funeral and her grandmother might have been in some pain before she died at the ripe old age of 99, I pieced the puzzle together.  Given the fact that J was chiefly overwhelmed by all of the events occurring simultaneously, I felt as if she let her spiritual guard down.  Therefore, she opened up the space to feel her mother’s pain, grief, and sorrow at the funeral which was, as she confirmed a bit later, the exact same time when she had her “anxiety/emotional” on-set.  Additionally, it turns out, J had had recurring dreams that her grandmother was going to die over the past few months, and I felt this episode was her grandmother’s way of telling her she no longer needed to worry about her pain or suffering.  After all, when you die, all that pain and suffering is released and there is only peace.
J understood.  Well, not right away, but soon there after.  She was pleased but also perplexed as she had earlier explained complicated relationships with both of those women throughout the years.  I have a hard time explaining that type of phenomenon as I don’t entirely understand the spiritual bonds between family members even if warring on the physical plane here.  Who really knows, right?
The conversation went on, but then it became more a life coaching session than a “Help me” spiritual melt-down conversation.  The details of which are inconsequential.  End result, however, is she really could only think to call me and she really just wanted someone to pick up on the other end of the line,  to listen, and preferably someone who could understand and explain perhaps what had happened.  
More interesting though, I encouraged her to set a boundary for the emotional space between her and her mother.  In other words, thank your mother for sharing, but her grief is her grief just like her pain is her pain.  There is no need to share with you.  I also invited her to acknowledge and be grateful to her grandmother for her last parting gift.  It might sound strange to you, but I believe it’s what she really needed to do in order to clear the space for her to focus on what she really needs to focus on…who’s going to take care of her children once she returns to work.  Sometimes you have to clear up the spiritual gook to allow space for the practical and earthly decisions to be made.
Again, sometimes you just need someone to pick up on the other side of the line and listen.  I really hope that she found some solace in today’s conversation.  I am doing my best to not be sooo attached to the results of whatever my messages are for the person sitting across from me or on the phone with me (as the case may be).  It is what it is.  My messages – you can take ’em or leave ’em.  Your choice!
Listen better.  You’ll be glad you did.  ๐Ÿ™‚
1)  My apologies for being MIA for the past two weeks.  I have been super busy with a new client and a new HR Consulting business venture.
2)  Trixie Van Goat should be having her kids any day now.  Keep your fingers crossed!
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