Not just the ordinary Resolutions for 2015

Not just the ordinary Resolutions for 2015

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Hello my blogfans!

On December 31, 2014, I had an incredible day with my Auntie and I treated her to manis and pedis for her birthday.  Crazy day for a birthday, right?  Anyway, I was very pre-occupied with my resolutions and completing them before the end of the day.

Just as I was finishing my pedicure, and prior to writing my 2015 resolutions, I read an article by my friend, Patrick Mulford on Linked-In, entitled, “Rebelutions: The Best Bad Tips for a Better 2015.”  It inspired me to be a bit different with my resolutions this year.

Here is the order in which my resolutions came to my little crazy mind:

1.  Zipline as much as possible
   Why?  You might ask.  Because ziplining is friggin’ awesome.  Whether you do it in New Hampshire, Costa Rica, or Hawaii.  Lucky for me, within 100 miles of Los Angeles, there are three zipline courses, but I have to travel at least 75 miles to get there.  πŸ™

2.  52 readings in 52 weeks
   This is my plan.  Either psychic or mediumship readings.  I need the practice, especially for the current book I’m writing about my first 18 months as a medium.  I have, as of right now, performed 5 readings, so I’m a little behind, but it’s all good.

3.  26 massages or acupuncture treatments
   Because everyone needs this.  Well, okay, I need this.  I have three down, and look forward to every single massage or acupuncture treatment to come.  This is an incredible way to relax.  I’ve been hearing so much lately about how stressed people are at their jobs, including myself.  Treat yourself!

4.  To Fall in Love
   I don’t really think this needs much explaining.  I am enjoying my single life AND would love to share my life with someone in the future.

5.  Travel 50,000 miles (could be Bali, Iceland, Aus/NZ)
   I mean, don’t we all want to travel?  I will definitely go home many times this year to New England to spend time with my awesome niece and nephew, not to mention the rest of my family.  I would, however, love to take some great trips around the world.

6.  Start Italian Citizenship
   When I secure a spare $5000 Euros, I look forward to paying an incredibly reputable Italian attorney to obtain not only my 92-year old grandmother’s Italian citizenship, but also my fathers and my own.  Should I start a GoFundme?  Just kidding.

7.  Feel intuition everywhere
   I want to constantly pick up on what’s happening around me intuitively, speak to more babies in the womb, feel more deceased loved ones, etc…

8.  Debt Free by end of year
   Need I say more?

9.  Complete Book 2 (on mediumship)
  This book will chronicle my last 18-20 months as a developing medium.  There is never a dull moment and I have learned so many goodies that I just HAVE to share with the world.  Perhaps it will help just one person?  This time around, I will not be self-publishing.

10.  Pacific Coast Highway (at least once)
   If you have never done this trip either north or south, you are truly missing out on one of the most inspirational and beautiful coasts I have ever seen.  This is an absolute must for your lifetime.  Trust me!

11.  Substantial amount of money to Charity
  The more money I earn, the more money I can give away.  How much do you give away?  Could you do more?

12.  12 speaking engagements
   I want to actually participate and/or be the keynote for 12 speaking engagements.  Some will be paid, some will be unpaid.  I have two scheduled for the next two months AND I’m looking for more opportunities.  I am actually most excited about this – aside from the Ziplining, of course.

13.  Listen more
   This will be the most challenging for me.  As an HR person and a human being, I definitely want and need to listen more to the wonderfulness around me, to what other’s believe.  This is all in my quest to learn more, be better, and do better.  Will you join me?

Well…there you have it.  My 13 New Years Resolutions.  What are yours?

1)  Resolutions can be fun.  They don’t have to be a disappointment to you at the end of the year.  They can be fun.
2)  I have enlisted the services of a Brand Consultant for my life, my book, my Social, and my SethEliot brand.  Get ready for some changes!
3) “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill

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