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To my fellow Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, and friends across the world,

Sometimes i don’t want to be a Democrat.  Sometimes i don’t want to have any political affiliation whatsoever.  Most of the time, i want to create my own political party.  These days i don’t really know what to believe and it’s all just exhausting.  Don’t you agree?
Do you think Ann Romney really stole the show last night?  I don’t.  I think her speech was a bit too all over the place.  That’s what happens when you insist on writing the speech yourself and do NOT follow the advice of the professional and political speech writers around you.  Better luck next time.  She was supposed to inspire women to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket.  Ugh.  Homegirl has been through a lot, but so have I.  And even I would accept the edits and suggestions from major political speech writers.
I gotta be honest.  I voted for Hilary Rodham Clinton, who i hope to GOD runs in 2016.  I gotta be even more honest, i’m disappointed with the way the last four years have gone.  Sure, there have been great strides, but there have also been some great falls.  And who’s to say just how much of that is Obama’s  responsibility versus the other guy who was in the hot seat before him.  (cute smile).
I wish we had a straight shooter; an honest person (male or female); someone who doesn’t promise the world, and then under-deliver.  Why can’t there be someone who says they’ll do their best and then overwhelm and inspire us with the delivery of greatness?  I wish there were a party that could save a little money and spend a little money, be honest about it, and promise only to do what’s best for everybody: win-win-win.  
And why can’t we balance the budget?  Is it that hard?  What are we talking… 4 trillion?  5 trillion?  I would do wonders with their budgets.  In case you don’t know, i LIVE for budgets!  They are hands-down one of my favorite things to do in Corporate America.  But i digress.
I really don’t understand the government of the United States.  The Republicans work so hard just to conspire against the Democrats.  It seems like lately, that’s all they do.  And the Democrats spend their time spending so much money while simultaneously attempting to balance the budget.  Neither party makes sense to me these days.  It’s all about numbers, re-elections, and insults.  It’s truly sad.
If it were up to Republicans, the rich would rule the world and the poor would walk the earth homeless.  There would be no equal rights and women would shut up already and return to raising their children.  If it were up to the Democrats, the middle class would be the one and only class, Universal Healthcare would rise and fall (because they would implement it too quickly), the pharma industry would collapse,  and they’d all be vacationing in Tahiti, complaining about how all they can afford is tap water, because they are on a budget.  I mean, really?  
Both sides seem kinda crazy to me.  Fiscally speaking, i clearly am more of an old-fashioned Republican, and socially speaking, i am much more of a new age Democrat.  In the eighteenth century, i would have agreed 100% with the Republicans, which are the modern day Democrats.  Don’t worry though, i would never vote for Paul Ryan in a million years…but i’m not all that happy with Obama either.  Stick with the devil you know…some would say.
The debates will continue over the next few months and all of us might grow more bitter, more angry, and more cynical.  The Republicans will always be plotting against the Democrats…and the Democrats will always be too busy spending money to notice.  I wish there were another party out there.  Call it the true Universalist.  Someone who believes in doing what’s best for everybody and not just making narrow-minded decisions in the hopes of winning their constituents’ votes and/or re-election.  Someone who takes risks, apologizes when they make mistakes, and takes responsibility when responsibility needs to be taken.
Aren’t you ready for someone like that?  I know i am.  Someone who has the idealistic nature to dream but is also realistic in the reality of the current situation and climate within which we find ourselves.  The United States of America used to be an amazing leader amongst the planet Earth.  I do my best every day to be a great example of the best of human kind and the best American-kind.  I hope someday soon we can all once again agree that the U.S.A. is undoubtedly the best country in the world and the true leader of the free world.  Not because we lead the world through fear or intimidation, but because we lead the world through inspiration, thought, and encouragement.  Thus, i say, please cut the defense budget by 1 trillion dollars.  Please instead spend that money on education, development, and the betterment of the United States.  For now, we’ll just have to settle with the way things are.  The United States is what we make of it.   And always remember, it could always be worse…AND there’s always room for improvement.
I firmly believe in being the best person and American you can be.  That speaks volumes to the world.  Don’t you agree?

I’m tired, ornery, and have a bit of heat exhaustion.   Not to mention that my internet has been out for the past two hours.  Yuck!  Perhaps, that’s the reason for the ranting and raving.  I do want to extend my sympathies and wish the Gulf Coast no more rain.  I also want to wish the rest of the country ALL of the rain possible to finish with the drought!
1) Next Wednesday, I’m taking cover photo shots for my book, How I Learned to Smile From The Inside.  Any suggestions?
2)  I ran a logo design contest for the Smile From The Inside logo and got some AMAZING logos.
3)  The book is now slated for a Halloween release.  Yay!!!  Will keep you updated.
4)  This week, i want you to think about Patience.  How much patience do you have nowadays?  I’ve been thinking a great deal about patience lately.  For some reason, my patience has been waning over the past few weeks.  It’s time to step back into myself.
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