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If, in theory, we are what we eat, then don’t you think it stands to reason that, we are what we think and say?  I know, it’s a bit scary, right?  Just given my own vernacular and my own though patterns, I have now decided to focus on changing what thoughts I think and what I say to people.
I used to think this type of stuff was all foo-foo and mumbo-jumbo.  However, over the last week or so, I’ve found that my energy/spirit is a little bit happier, a little bit more hopeful, and a little bit more playful due to the small shifts in thought and speech.  And who doesn’t want that??
Think about this:  If you are constantly stressing over finances, where is the hope in that?  Where is the happiness in that?  And where is the playfulness in that?  Believe me, I’ve had my struggles over the past few months with financial stresses indeed.  I have slowly started changing my obsessive song-and-dance with regard to debts and bills, and I must report that things have started to shift for me.  Suggestions and ideas to save money have magically appeared and/or happened AND my spirit is a wee bit lighter and more jovial.  Let me assure you, it didn’t just happen over night.  Nope.  This is definitely a practice, and, if it takes 28 consecutive days to form a new habit, I’m approaching the finish line.  I hope.
If you consider this concept from a manifesting perspective and, we can agree that, right now, are manifesting our future paths based upon our current thoughts, emotions, and actions today, then, I would say, the majority of us are screwed!  Let’s slow down, become more aware, and REMOVE the negative chatter and banter amongst ourselves and our friends.

Here are some tips and tricks to help get us all started:

1) Watch your Language!

    A) Stop Should’ing on Yourself!   Remove the clutter and judgment in your quotidian tongue.  No more Shoulds.
    B) Trying.  Trying is stupid!  Instead of trying, just do it!  Instead of “I’ll try and make it tonight for dinner.”  How about “I’ll do my best!” or, god forbid, “I will be there!”
     C) I cannot wait…!  No more, I can’ts!  How about I’m excited to, or I am ecstatic for?  Me, myself, and I am certainly guilty of this lingo on a daily basis especially when I say I cannot wait to have children or  I cannot wait to be on the NY Times Best Seller List.  How about if I say, I am sooo excited for children or I am sooo exited for the day when I’m on the NY Times Best Seller List.  Though perhaps insignificant to most, this tiny new little version has more power than it had previously.
    D)  I’m sorry.   I say this all the time.  Some have said, it’s like apologizing for your existence.  I apologize for EVERYTHING!  Bumping into someone.  Speaking over someone.  Blah-Blah.  As of three days ago, I am no longer apologizing for everything.  It is not easy…at all, but I’m doing it!
     E)  Have to vs. Get to!  While we are on the subject of watching your language, let’s not forget the good old, “Ugh…I have to do laundry tonight” or “I have to stop by this party for two hours on Saturday.”  It denotes a lot of dread, and I love how we believe that by stating the above-mentioned phrases, we are going to shift the energy and have a great time.  (Note the sarcasm).  You never know what might happen with the laundry.  You might find a twenty dollar bill in your pants.  (I love it when that happens!)  Or, you might go to that party and meet your next someone special.  Instead, perhaps say, I “get to” or I “look forward to”.
At the end of the day, the above tips/tricks may sound like little changes, but, I assure you, they are not.  Do it (I was going to say, Try It! – Tsk Tsk!) for one week and let me know the results whether amazing or not-so-amazing!
2) Be Careful What You Think today!
Be careful what you think today, ’cause it may haunt you tomorrow and the next day and the next day and so on.  It is a proven fact (spiritually anyway) that the thoughts that you are thinking today effect the thoughts, moods, and energies of tomorrow, the next day, and beyond.  Start thinking better thoughts NOW!
That said, we are human, after all.  We will all become frustrated and impatient from time to time.  Do you have to stay there (in that mood) or vacation there?  How quickly can you let it go?  How quickly can you shift your own thoughts?
3) The Best is Always Yet To Come.
I know I say this again and again, but it’s definitively the one thought that always brings me a ray of sunshine-hope.  This phrase recognizes the present (where I am) yet it infers tomorrow is a new day.  Start repeating this to yourself and see where you land.

Confession: I have my days of utter frustration and impatience, still.  Duh!  The thought that usually helps shift the money-pit mood is thinking about the future and what I look forward to and, truly, that has made quite a bit of difference in my life…or at least for the past few weeks.  

1) The Monday morning glum wasn’t so bad this time around.  I could feel the icky feelings percolating but there was no way I was going to let them out today.
2)  As for my journey into Mediumship, I am still practicing, but no longer doing freebies.  After three and a half hours with a great man (well…him and his late father), the other night, I was a little exhausted.  Contact me if you or a loved one of yours might need a “reading”.
3)  If you have time to read a five-minute feel good article about a boy-going-blind’s bucket-list story, read here.

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