How is YOUR Perception so friggin’ different than MINE?

How is YOUR Perception so friggin’ different than MINE?

I interrupt this regularly scheduled mediumship program to discuss
today something that’s way more relevant to my life today.  After all,
this is my blog.  Today, I had a rather large argument all about perception.  For some odd reason,
I just had to respond to that email.  Definitely not my best choice of the
What the hell is perception??  I define perception as your
specific version of reality – informed from your understanding and the complex interpretation of your historical background.   Merriam-Webster says perception is the knowledge
gained from the process of coming to know or understand something.  Wikipedia
says perception is the organization, identification, and interpretation of
sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment.
I believe there are only three truths of perception.
1) Your version of reality. 
(That which is…) – Everything in your life has led you up to this
moment.  Literally.  Think about it, if your perception is an
amalgamation of all of your wins, losses, scars, wounds, accomplishments,
disappointments, loves, concerns, learning, then it logically follows that all
of those experiences and events have informed who you are today and your
perception of the situation at hand.
2) Someone else’s version of reality.  (That which might be…)
– Everything in their life has led them to this moment as well.  Same as above.
3) The TRUTH of the situation. 
(That, which is absolute!) – My mother would say, the God’s honest
truth.  This is what actually happened or
what actually is occurring.  Usually,
this is somewhere in between the realities discussed above.
What’s the learning here?  
– I would like to say that they were just wrong.  I would like to say that their perception was completely off.  Alas, I cannot.  There may just be some valid points that I would do well to ruminate over.  It took me 10 hours to get to that place, but it may just be something to consider.  Maybe.
– Sometimes it’s better not to hit “Send”!  Write the
email, let it all out, then send to yourself.  Calm down.  Write back
the shortest and simplest email instead.  Problem avoided.

– After I wanted to take a “Louisville slugger to both headlights”
(Thanks, Carrie Underwood), I went to the gym, released some energy, and started
to feel better.  A few good laughs thanks
to my friends on FB and I was right as rain.  Well, a little bothered, still, but loads better than where I was.  
Now, I’m going to use the catapult technique (for those loyal fans – hopefully you’ll remember).  Essentially, I think about the person causing conflict or heavy energy, then imagine them being sling-shotted from my body.  It is amazingly effective and cathartic.  Depending on the weight of their energy, it might take several attempts.  Good luck!


1)  I am sooo enthused to work toward being a medium, author, vlogger, and motivational speaker full time, so Corporate America can be a distant memory.  I’m starting to doubt it’s efficacy and relevance in my future career and life.  :/

2)  This week, I have had the distinct pleasure to give two incredible readings.  I am so thankful and grateful for each day when I am able to be so specific it surprises even me.  (More to come here!)

3)  The winner of the free reading from last week was Tricia Bailey, someone with whom I went to high school back in the day.  Feels like so long ago.  Ugh.  Don’t we just love getting older.