Hi Everyone!  Here is my dog Maggie, in front of Playa Tortuga, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.  I’m sure she will be mentioned in the blog several times…as she is very important in my life.  Maggie teaches me a great deal of things, i.e… Sleep when you are tired;  Naps are the best thing ever; and always enjoy the beach.  For the past 5 days, we have been doing just that in Paradise.  She is over it.  It’s time for her to go home and get moving again in Los Angeles.  And i guess that goes for me too!!!

Back to business…Today, i spent 6 hours collecting and defining the various weekly discussions i will be leading/guiding in this blog.  I have 52+ ideas right now and counting…made some great headway…The idea is to discuss one/week for one year.  You up for it?

Does anyone have any gay clichés they would like me to be aware of???  I’m taking suggestions early!!!  I think i have most of them, but am always searching for more.

Thanks and Please tell everyone about the blog!!!  I appreciate it!  T minus 5 days…

Seth E Santoro.