Five Moments That Make Me Feel ALIVE!

Five Moments That Make Me Feel ALIVE!

Evening, Everyone!

I wanted to share a more personal view into my life of late.  Here are some recent moments that have made me feel alive!!

1)  When my niece and nephew see me for the first time when I visit them.  Now, they run to me and give me the biggest hugs.  There is nothing else like that feeling in the world.

2)  The day you realize you are ready for true love.  This happened when I very recently fell back in love with a previous love in my life.  Taking it day-by-day, but feeling the effects of contentment, happiness, and pure unconditional love.  I feel blessed to have this new chapter in my life.

3)  When you receive a call from an organization like the American Widow Project, whose vision is to provide vital support to military widows with programs that UNIFY, EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and assist in rebuilding their lives in the face of tragedy.  They have asked me to facilitate workshops for them as a Bereavement/Grief Expert and Medium.  Chills all over.  So excited about this!!  Amazing work!  Absolutely incredible.

4)  When the HATE of one overwhelms, overpowers, and clouds the LOVE of all others.  The passion, the anger, and the shock that racism and inequality still exists within this human existence is such a mystery to me and makes me feel such a wide range of emotions.  I don’t even know what to say anymore.

5)  The moment when you walk into your new home, realizing that there is no more harassment from former neighbors, no more police raids, no more concern about your tires being slashed, and a general sense of safety.  It is peaceful, great energy, solid roomies, and makes me feel rich – even though I’m paying less now for a 3 bedroom condo, than I was for a one bedroom apartment.  Woohoo!

I’m grateful tonight for my life.  I’m grateful tonight for my family and for the amazing love in my life.  Thank you, God.


1)  My heart and prayers go out to the families and the City of Charleston, South Carolina, where I have spent time myself.  Again, I don’t even know what to say anymore.
2)  I’m excited to be spending some much needed time with my family on my East Coast Tour.  That’s what I call it when I visit as many relatives as possible within 4-5 days.  Never a dull moment.
3)  I am teaming up with other bereavement organizations as well.  Lots to do.  Lots to say.  Did I mention I am being paid to do this??  Look out world, it’s time!!
4)  Remember today, the more grateful for your life, the more amazing things will be born.