FIVE essential items to remember when Someone’s Going Through It!!

FIVE essential items to remember when Someone’s Going Through It!!

I dedicate this blog to the young mother for whom I just read.  Her family is going through something big and nasty.  You have so much strength and so much to share.

You deserve better!  You deserve more!  And you are awesome!

Hi everyone!  I have identified the following 5 items to remember when someone, you KNOW and LOVE, is going THROUGH IT!

1)  Breathe
It is a common human affliction that when we get excited, sad, or devastated, we all forget to breathe.  This is such an easy problem to fix, but so hard to remember when life occurs.  Breathe and breathe often.

2)  Listen
Be the best listener EVER!  Be quiet.  Be present with them.  Acknowledge and sympathize.  Listen beyond the superficial noise and see what’s really going on.

3)  Use Your Knowledge
In the face of someone else’s adversity, draw upon your experiences, your tragedies, and your feelings.  Be, for them, the person that you wished was there for you.  Say, to them, everything you wished was said to you.  Do, for them, what others might or might not have done for you.

4)  Share Your Story
Connection, understanding, and compassion are quite regularly under-estimated and under-appreciated qualities, yet so powerful when someone’s going through it!   Your story and your truth will not only help them, but invite them to feel as if they are not alone.  People have gone through this exact same situation and have lived to be better people, stronger humans, and better advice-giving friends.

5)  Follow up
This is a secret to which I’m letting you in.  Always follow up.  One hour later.  The next day.  Two days later.  One week later.  Show them that you truly care about their losses just as much as their wins.

Listen to them.  Encourage them.  Be present with them.  Empower them.

That’s it for now, folks!  Until next time…


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