Your Commitment To Me:  
1) With your support, I
ask that you please be interactive, loud, and truthful.  
2) In your voice, I want your
thoughts and opinions, however crazy or distinct they may be.  
3) I want your
4) I want you to practice listening when you don’t have ANYTHING to
add, AND practice speaking when you have EVERYTHING to add.
5) Be yourself.  Be honest.  Be the best you only you can be.
My Commitment To You:  
1) Each week, I will blog or vlog about a new topic, an old gripe, a taboo subject, or identify a Gay Cliche.  
2) I will always keep my blogs insightful, fascinating, and interesting.
2) I will always keep my blog entries
around 500 words or less in order to statistically keep your attention.
3) I will always reply to as many thoughts, discussions,
questions as possible.
4) I will from time to time post pics, vlogs, or random images that warrant a discussion.
5) This blog might be tweaked and updated from time to time.  
I should probably warn you that from time to
time i make up words.  Stay tuned over the next 11 days as we count down to the official start of the blog.  Tell your friends, your family (even the ones you don’t like), and anyone else possible.