Dear Friends & Fam,  Bless my gaybies for I have sinned, it has been over 2 weeks since my last blog-fession.  Please forgive me.  After 4 “Hail” Mary’s (the Bloodier the better), all should be forgiven.  For GOD above is a forgiving God, an amazing spirit, filled with wisdom, insight, and we are GOD.  And if you wanna hear more about that…that’s what AGAPE and Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith are spreading around the world, on a very global level.  Sometimes i want so desperately to believe to be that GOD is a sassy black woman.  The beauty of this life is…i can believe whatever i want to, right?  As for my excuse for the delay in writing, it’s been a crazy ass, family skizo-oriented Passover/Easter, with beautiful, touching, and hilarious memorial services for Linda Mechanic, kidds jumping everywhere (especially in My Gay Backyard), terrible BROODY hens, visits to #1 Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat herders in the USA, and LOTS of life lessons about my next steps.
Now, back to my blog.  As most of you know, I am in the process of securing a literary agent/manager.  I have written 2 complete manuscripts, 2 more in the works (including this one), have 4-5 tv treatments, and even have one tv show idea in the early stages of production.  It is a busy time.  I have a TON of work to do, but I need the proper people around me, so that I can be catapulted in front of the right people who can make shit happen.  Late last week, after a near “Shameless” Passover weekend, I met with a very prominent PR guru here in Los Angeles.  After a detailed discussion about my projects, he advised me to work on my “BRAND”, so branding is what i’m going to do.
As “cliche” as it may sound, i honestly feel that I am at a major crossroads in my life.  And you know when Arianna Huffington is talking about creating an app for GPS for the Soul, somethings’ gotta give… or after yesterday’s Major Solar Flare, it is another reminder that Life is short people!!!…and we must be everything we are at every minute, because you never know how much longer we truly have.  But i digress from Branding! When most of you compliment my blog, i find it’s always the entries that are about me…and not so much about the more socio-political debates of the modern day conundrum we call gay.  Therefore, I am shifting the content of this blog, but not the intention.  It is still my intention to inspire the world, one by one, to better understand and accept the gay lifestyles — it’s just now gonna be with a gay “smile from the inside” twist.  Remember that.  I will definitely now be sharing more about my life and experiences of this fabulous world.  But, a girl’s gotta keep some secrets, especially if i wanna create a #1 Bestseller.  Can i get an Amen up in here???
My vision in this life is…”to inspire the world, one by one, to smile from the inside out.”  Notice the “Smiley Face” above.  When someone smiles from the inside, there is an inner glow apparent to all, which radiates, motivates, and inspires the world to be and do better.  Don’t you agree?  After a lengthy discussion with the PR guru, everyone needs to be an expert at something.  I will be the “Smile From The Inside” guy.  Don’t worry, i won’t get too New Agey…but i will postulate about all sorts of crap… so be prepared.  It should be just as fun and witty as I hope it always is. 
Shifting and change is never easy.  Never.  Especially for guys.  Even more so for gay guys.  We seem to get more attached to the OCD order of things…and kick and scream when changes occur (some more than others).  When the stress gets too much and/or the , i recently learned a technique from my friend over at Malcolm’s Channel.  I call it the “Catapult Technique” and it’s very effective, so use wisely my friends.  Take a couple deep breaths in and relax the thoughts and mind, as much as you possibly can, eh?  Envision that person, project, or thing that is really getting your goat (hehe…in my house, we love making farm jokes…lol).  Imagine putting them on a catapult.  Take another breathe.  Now fucking fling those bitches as far away from you as possible.  If you are aware of your mind/body connection, you will immediately feel lighter and less stressed.  Try it.  If it doesn’t work for you, let me know.  You are clearly not flinging those bitches far enough away. 
A couple more things…
1)  i have a silly request…if you receive the blog post in your email and you are at a laptop/computer (and NOT on a toilet), could you please go to the blog posting.  It’s all about analytics, people…Thank you!!!  I’m averaging 125 hits per posting…but that’s just the ones i know about.
2) If you like my blog, tell everyone!!!  If you don’t, talk to me about how i can improve it…before you go running your mouth to anyone.
3) In my effort to shift this blog into the next gear, please note i have changed the blogspot address to:  please update your records.  lol.

That’s all for now!  Until next week!!!  Lots of love.  Thanks for all of your support.  It is awesome and soooo encouraging…

The “Smile From The Inside” guy