August 26th, 2014 – One of the best days of my life – Part Deux

August 26th, 2014 – One of the best days of my life – Part Deux

Where was I??

Oh yeah, so, I was having dinner with James Van Praagh (JVP) when the server comes over to me and says, the Long Island Medium is dining in the next room.  I said, “I’m sorry, did you just that Theresa Caputo is in the house?”

I immediately told JVP, who was still sitting next to me.  (swoon).  He seemed pleasantry surprised and added that he had been wanting to get with her people and collaborate on a project together.  A few minutes later, he got up and advised the table he was going to see The Long Island Medium.  I whispered to him, “Please take me with you!?”
He leaned over quietly and said, “Trust me!  I have a good feeling!”
I was bummed.  I’m not gonna lie.  For some reason, I started sweating profusely.  I just knew that something big was about to happen.  Naturally, I texted a few close friends of mine who were equally as in love with her as I was/am.  Resisting every urge I had, I did not post anything to social media as I wanted to respect her privacy and the privacy of JVP. 
I decided to go to the bathroom, because I had had a few drinks after a very long and amazing day.  As I passed by the room where the Long Island Medium was, I saw her, Larry, and JVP chit-chatting and laughing.  As I was in the stall, I had a day dream about Larry walking into the men’s bathroom and what I would say to him if he did.  Next thing I knew, someone walked in and I heard him clear his throat.  It was Larry!  Um…now what?
I started to wash my hands, and continued to wash my hands, while I thought of something brilliant to say to him.  He must have thought I was crazy.  I was literally washing my hands for about three minutes.   Drying my hands, I finally mustered up enough hutzpah to say, “I didn’t think you guys traveled to Los Angeles.”  Larry was gracious, smiled, and in typical Larry format, he said, “Oh yeah, we’ve been traveling all over lately and Theresa and I love it here in Santa Monica.”  He continued the conversation for about two minutes until another person walked into the bathroom.  Toward the end, I introduced myself and said it was a pleasure.  He was so generous and sweet.
Once I collected myself and genuinely surrendered to the amazing moment and day, as if meeting Larry wasn’t enough, twenty minutes later, all of a sudden, a familiar voice with a severe Long Island accent approached out table and exclaimed, “Well…isn’t this a beautiful crowd!?”  Literally, I thought I was in a dream.  I turned to my right and um…Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, herself, was there in my absolute favorite white tasseled shirt.  Oh my god.
When introduced, she actually gave me a huge hug (Hug #1) and said how nice it was to meet me.  Theresa (as she asked me to call her) was gracious and greeted every single person at our table of eight individuals.  A class act.  It was a bit tight in our area, so I actually started talking to Larry and her manager, Joshua and his wife.  We had a wonderful conversation about them wanting to purchase a house in Santa Monica, but only on the beach.  Even her manager was very nice, and genuinely interested when he found out I was also a developing medium.  I hope to meet him again in the future.
About five minutes later, in the complete surreal-ness of this dinner, this day, and this situation in which I now found myself, JVP, Theresa, and I were speaking as if we had been friends for years.  It was definitely a triad and not just a dual conversation of which I was an outsider.  I was in like Flynn, baby.  It was beyond anything I had ever imagined.
Both JVP and Theresa had books coming out the following month – September.  When the topic came up that she insisted I purchase her new book, I advised her that I had already pre-ordered it.  She looked at me, said how cute that was and gave me Hug #2.   Through our conversations, she and Larry told me they really love Santa Monica and they are definitely going to purchase a place there.  We talked about the kids, life, the future, and so much more.  (Who am I??)
It was about fifteen minutes later, after gossiping between us three mediums, Larry came back over and said, “You’ve been chatting like school girls for the past twenty minutes, can we at least go outside already??”  
When we went outside of the restaurant, I was still sweating, mind you.  My friend, Kelley, kept asking me if I wanted a picture with her.  Being in Los Angeles for about nine years, I like to think of myself as above pictures with any celebrity.   Anyway…Kelley asked Theresa, right in front of me, if she would take a picture with me.  Theresa was gracious and said, “Sure!”  I said, “No, it’s okay!”
Theresa looked at me and in the most amazing Long Island accent, “You don’t wanna picture wit’ me?”  Um…great, I just offended one of my mentors.  Doh!
I quickly said, “Of course, I want a picture with you.  I just normally don’t do that!”
She hugged me close (Hug #3) and I reiterated, “I don’t normally like to take pictures!”  The next moment, we captured the below picture where I was drunk with happiness and out of this world contentment.  After the picture, she held onto me tightly and said, “Neither do I!”  It was the sweetest and most sincere moments of our clearly blossoming relationship.  She didn’t have to say that.  I was flabbergasted and so unbelievably happy.
The next moment, Kelley, told Theresa that I was a developing medium.  Thanks, Kelley!  Theresa was so genuinely thrilled and happy for me.  We spoke about this for a few minutes and she advised that, clearly, I was in good hands with JVP.  After a few more minutes of discussing mundane things with Theresa Caputo like about how she had recently discovered books on CD and listens to them in her car.  I responded, “Don’t you love it?  I listen to your book in my car!”  She and I both laughed at this.  She was a hoot, man!
Me:  Do you get recognized a lot…because you are kind of a big deal??
Theresa:  “In New York, I’m nuthin’, but here, everywhere we go, we get free nuts!  (Best statement of the day!).  She began to explain that when she walked down 3rd Street Promenade (Santa Monica), people stopped her all the time…and mostly the vendors stopped her and, in exchange for a picture, they give her free nuts.  “Who am I to refuse free nuts??” – I thought to myself, you truly are an amazing lady.
Larry got antsy and was definitely ready to go.  He literally had to pull her away from me!
Theresa:  “It was so lovely meeting you! Good luck to you in everything and enjoy the journey!  Oh and one more thing, I would LOVE to know what you think of my book!”
Me:  “Um…how exactly do you want me to get in touch with you after I finish your book?”  I literally thought Theresa Caputo was about to give me her email address!!
Theresa:  “He has my information! (pointing to her manager).  Tell him to give you my contact information.”  (too late, he had already left)
Me:  “Okay…It was great meeting you too!”  Good luck with the book!”
When I walked away, I could not even explain the elation that went through my body.  It felt as if I belonged there.  I deserved this life.  I was sooo close to the life I wanted.  I literally couldn’t sleep for days!!
I loved every minute of that day…with JVP and with my new friend, Theresa.
The entire night was a bit foggy, I’ll admit.  I was definitely alive, but in shock.  I should have pinched myself various times throughout the day.  Then, at dinner, I still cannot believe I spoke with Theresa for more than thirty minutes.
Something shifted in me that day, because after that day, my life has changed forever.  I hope I reconnect with Theresa in the very near future.  She was a true lady and an incredible class act.  I look forward to spending more time with her and James Van Praagh.
Enjoy the pic!!
1)  You never know when you might happen!  You must just end up chatting with JVP and Long Island Medium at any time.
2)  I allowed myself a few weeks to be down and sad.  This week, something has shifted and the opportunities are limitless.
3)  “At some point, you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening!”  That’s been my mantra this week.
A Smile From The Inside production 🙂