August 26, 2014 – One of the best days of my life…Part One.

August 26, 2014 – One of the best days of my life…Part One.

Yes, you are right.  That is James Van Praagh.  Can you believe it?  I still can hardly believe it.
A good friend mine introduced me to a good friend of his.  This young lady, Kelley, just happened to work directly for James Van Praagh (JVP or James) as his Life Manager.  It seems that she was recruiting for his new blog: The Daily Awakening, and I was the perfect addition.  Kelley and I hit it off quick quickly.  So much so, in fact, that she invited me to work with her as a production assistant at James’ next photo shoot.  The date was set for August, 26, 2014 and I was there, no question.
The day of the shoot finally came around.  I was “Beyond” excited.  JVP used to have a show called, Beyond.  LOL.  Anyway, I was my usual self and extremely helpful with everyone.  I quickly became the savior of the day for this and everyone’s friends within the first hour or two.  James and I even hit it off too.  Mind you, he still had no idea about me or what I did.  
It was about two hours in when a lull happened.  One of his stylists who I had befriended earlier, was very much insistent that James ask what I did for a living.  Naturally, I told him that during the day I was an HR Consultant.  “And at night…?”  
“I am a developing medium.”  I was proud but also really scared of just having “come out” to JVP, someone who is one of the most well-known mediums of all time.  
He was intrigued.  “Are you sitting in a circle?”
“What do you mean, a circle? – I asked hesitantly knowing I might regret it later.
“You are a developing medium and you are not in a development circle? – exclaimed JVP.
“No, sadly, I’m not!” – Doh!  This was not going to be good, I thought.
“Well, I don’t want you to be one of those mediums who doesn’t know what they’re doing!  So, I’ll mentor you myself if I must.
(awkward silence) – I was in disbelief.
“What are you doing next week?” – asked JVP.
“I actually don’t have anything planned!”
“Well…I am giving a 3-day course with myself and a good friend of mine from the Arthur Findlay College (aka Hogwarts) in the United Kingdom.  You have to be there.  And, because of all your wonderful help today, just tell them I sent you and I’ll comp you.”
Mustering up some strength, “Wow!  Yeah, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Thank you so much!!”
And so started the most amazing day of 2014.  Throughout the day, we continued to grow closer and closer.  He learned about me and I him.  It was glorious!  It was incredible.  I felt so close but yet so far from what I want to do full time in my life.  Twenty feet from stardom, anyone?  
Later that afternoon, we went to Malibu to take some fantastic and outstanding photos by the sea.  This particular day, the surf was between 15 and 20 feet tall.  Every huge wave crashing into the next.  It was beyond anything I had ever experienced in Southern California.  I was in heaven, literally, here on Earth.  It was, honestly, beyond words.
As if this beautiful scene wasn’t enough and my heart wasn’t full of enough happiness, contentment, and elation, JVP invited a few of us to dinner.  Not just any dinner and at not just any restaurant.  We were going to Boa Steakhouse in Santa Monica overlooking the ocean.  I had never been but always heard that it was one of the best restaurants.  Was I still dreaming?
At dinner, he requested that I sit next to him, which was just surreal for me.  We started conversing about the mediumship, the work, the upcoming course, and my experiences thus far.  Sitting next to JVP, one of the highlights of my life, I had no idea that my evening was going to a whole other level. 
Dinner was amazing!   JVP encouraged me to be the best medium I can be.  He shared personal stuff with me and also told me he was quite impressed by the man in front of him given my many accomplishments.  I was on cloud nine the entirety of the evening.
As we were finishing up dinner, the server (who had clearly noticed with whom I was sitting), informed me that the Long Island Medium was in the room next door.
“I’m sorry.  Did you just say that Theresa Caputo is in the house?  Seriously?”
To Be Continued…
1.  You never know when the best day of your life is about to happen.
2.  I hope that 2015 is the best year for anyone and everyone reading this blog.
3.  Thank you for all of the outpouring and encouragement for me to write again.  It feels good to be back in the saddle again.
4.  If you read this far, then I’m glad.  I’ve giving away one free mediumship reading in the month of February.  If interested or if you know of someone that may be interested, send me an email at

“We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else’s idea of life.” ― James Van Praagh

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