Are you Ready???  T minus 1 Day…

Are you Ready??? T minus 1 Day…

Hi Everyone!  Tomorrow is the big day.  I am all ready, are you???

Just wanted to re-iterate some things…

Vision:  To inspire the world, one straight person at a time (or anyone for that matter) to better understand gay people from the inside out.

Mission/Intention:  To provoke thoughtful discussions, provide insight into the fantastic and unique gay lifestyle, and to gather research in order to write a NYTimes #1 best-selling book, rooted in truth, integrity, and humour.

How you can Follow:  Click on the link, and to the upper left hand corner, click on “Follow”.  Also toward the upper right hand column, it gives you the option to “Follow This Site” and sign in using your gmail or AOL account.  And lastly, sometimes near the bottom of the page, there is a beautiful cursive link entitled, “Subscribe by Email” — that would be the best.

I am very excited about tomorrow.  Have a great night everyone!!!