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How was your weekend?  My weekend was exhausting.  This weekend, I was just doing my thang, at one of my best friends’ Baby Shower.  One of our best mutual friends planned the incredible, delicious, and elegant event — and I was just the bitch!  Honestly though, I did whatever was necessary.  Set up.  More bottles of champagne?  Hosting?  Strike down.  Clean up.  Yes, it was exhausting.  Know this, however, I did it because I would do anything for both gals:  the pregnant one or the event planner.  Anything. 
They are my bosom buddies.  They are dear friends.  We have lived through many experiences, good and bad together over the past eight years.  I am honored to call them best friends and I am blessed they are in my life.
A cute little quote which I wanted to include:
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So, how do you know you are a good friend?
Here are SEVEN ways you know you are a good friend.
1)  Their Mother Loves You!
You can feel pretty confident that you are being a good friend when their mother, whenever she sees you, shares with you just how special you are with a warm and sincere embrace.  It doesn’t just stop there though.  The mother continues and tells you what a great friend you are, how blessed you are to have each other, AND confesses to you that she (the mother) doesn’t worry about her daughter/son as much because she (the mother) knows s/he has you!  So sweet.
2)  Family Contacts. 
I believe you know you are a good friend when you have cell phone and home phone numbers for not only the mother, but the father, the sister, the spouse, and his/her bridal parties.  Doh!
3)  Good News Travels Fast! 
I love it when I am at a party and mutual friends of the “hosts” come up to me and say, “So…Tell me about this new boyfriend of yours??”  At first, I’m like, “Huh?  How did you find out?”  But then, I’m excited and happy that my friend is sorta-bragging about me.  It’s a huge compliment, so just go with it!
4)   A Party?  What Can I Do To Help? 
As soon as your bestie tells you about their upcoming party, shower, etc…, you just WANT to help them in any way possible.  You want to attend and enjoy their bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, and showers, but you also want to make their lives easier in the process, right?  That is, in my opinion, a true friend.
5)  FEEL lucky and TELL them so As Often As Possible.
It’s easy to forget how valuable these people are.  It’s easy to take our friends for granted.  Whether we text/FB on a daily basis OR, because of distance, they are the type of friend that whenever you pick up the phone/Skype, the “bond” makes it seem like no time has passed — both are gems.  Both are cherished.  I don’t think most of us realize how lucky we are to have each other in this life.
Lately, I have done some “readings” where young friends have committed suicide or been taken too young.  I have learned some interesting things (I feel another blog coming on…).  The people sitting across from me, no matter what happened, always want to make sure their friends are SAFE and HAPPY.  Their deceased loves ones seem to validate this automatically – always and without prompt.  Bottom line, as often as you can remember, share just how lucky you are.
6)  Mean What You Say!
Over the years, I have noticed that sometimes we say things, but don’t really mean them.  For example, if a friend is in a sad place, I’ve heard people haphazardly comment, “Call me anytime, day or night, and I’ll come over!”  On very few occasions, have I actually heard of people actually going over at 3am.  I do it for my friends and when they share those beautiful offers, I expect them to mean it.  Lesbi-honest, if I call my friend at 3am, I’m probably not in the best place, right?  Be there, whenever, wherever!
7)  No judgments!
This is sometimes challenging… to say the least. Some friends (like myself) need to learn the hard way.  While I appreciate unsolicited advice and suggestions, if I am sharing anything, I do NOT want to sense any judgments — at all.  No matter how messed up you think a decision is, it is NOT your decision to make. Yes, it’s definitely hard to watch someone you love make stupid/silly choices, but it’s their journey.  That poor mistake in “your” eyes, might lead them to their greatest triumphs and learnings.  We can only hope, right!  Be calm.  Be patient.  Disagree if you must, but there can be no judgments attached.  Besides, who doesn’t want to miss a chance to tell their bestie, “I told you so!” and then drop it and move on.  That can be fun too!
So, are you a good friend, according to Seth E Santoro?  There are many many more attributes.  I just wanted to share those which came up for me over this past weekend.
1)  I had a BLAST this past weekend and caught up with some good friends, good acquaintances, and made some new friends.
2)  Do you “pray” or “TALK” with God / The Universe / Allah?  I have just started to talk with my version of God lately, and I know I feel better.  I think my “prayers/hopes/questions” are being answered…and even if the answers come from me, I still feel better.
3)  I forgot that in Ecuador/South America, this Friday is not only Valentine’s Day for Lovers, but also it’s a wonderful day to celebrate Friends.  So, this week, I am celebrating my friends!
4)  The Walking Dead…?  Are you watching?  You should be!
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A Smile From The Inside Production 🙂