A Special Mother’s Day Tribute!!

A Special Mother’s Day Tribute!!

Good Afternoon!  I
wanted to do something a little different for Mother’s Day coming up this
Sunday, May 10, 2015.  Don’t forget!!
Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, I always send
four cards to the first four ladies in my life. 
Relatives only.  In the spirit of
#WordsThatDontGetUsedEnough, here are a couple of the unique words or phrases I
would use to describe them.
1 – My Grandma
Matriarch; Giving; Gentle; One-of-a-Kind; Remarkable; AND…
My Italian Nonni!
2 – My Sister
All of the above, plus: Beautiful; Caring; Patient;
Incredible; Amazing; Lives for her kids; Much stronger than she believes; AND… My
Reality Check!
3 – My Aunt
All of the above, plus: Wonderful; Delightful; Kindhearted; Incomparable;
Extraordinary; Selfless; Lovely; Mani/Pedi-mate; Thoughtful; AND… My Bosom Buddy!
4 – My Mom
All of the above, plus: Sweet; Compassionate; Magnificent; Understanding;
Unparalleled; Exceptional; Generous; Humane; One of my best friends; AND… My Soulmate!
I know and love so many amazing mothers.  I want to take a moment to be grateful and to
be in complete AWE for all mothers out there. 
 Shout out to my amazing friends who
are also mothers from New Hampshire to New York, from Germany to California, especially
including my BFFs here in Los Angeles and the OC.
One last thought. 
This is for those that haven’t spoken to their mothers in quite some
time.  No matter what happened.  No matter whether you are right or wrong.  Reach out on Mother’s Day.  Just do it. 
Sometimes, it’s just that simple to re-start communication.
On that note, I read for a great deal of daughters who have
lost their mothers.  Trust me, there is
nothing in the world like a mother.
Happy Mother’s Day to
1)  Sad news.  One of my original goats, Vincent Van Goat, passed away this week.  So Sad.
2)  I think it’s
probably time for a great medium story. 
Stay tuned for next week…
3) #SMILE4Mom – Mother’s Day Contest.  If you have a mother you know that could use
either a psychic or medium reading, please use the hashtag #SMILE4Mom on
Twitter or Facebook within the next week. 
Your hashtag reference will enter you to win a free reading for the
special mother in your life, whether it be a friend, sister, cousin, or your
actual mother.
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