My Message

Seth's vision is to inspire the world to HEAL and SMILE from the inside.

Seth is a healer, coach, and a medium. He is an executive intuitive coach, a writing mentor, and an intuitive.

Besides that, Seth committed to the biggest mission which is to create a movement to help 5 MILLION people heal their past, find joy in the present, create a better future, legacy, and, most importantly, smile from the inside.

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The healing process is only as productive and efficient as your determination and effort to do so.

- Seth Eliot Santoro CEC

Who is Seth?

Seth Eliot Santoro, CEC is a Healer, Reframer, Intuitive Advisor, Intuitive Business Coach, Bestselling Author, Medium, Animal Communicator, HR Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Bereavement Facilitator, Husband, Friend, and Death Expert. Born and raised in New England, educated and developed in New York City, nurtured and groomed in Los Angeles, Seth Santoro carries within him a unique and never-seen-before force with which to be reckoned. But for now, he will just have to be known as the “Smile From The Inside” guy. This gay boy has a hell of a lot to say, an incredible amount of passion, and amazing gifts to share with the world.


Thanks to an unconventional culmination of scientific knowledge, professional experience and skills gathered over my career and peculiar life experiences, Seth typically works with CEOs, Executives, and Celebs/Artists either find happiness again and smile from the inside OR he partners with them to live, create, and build a better legacy for themselves and everyone around them. Seth provides a unique combination with 22+ years in Corporate America; 16+ years of Executive Coaching; 15+ years of HR & Operations expertise; bereavement facilitation; and his intuitive gifts (his x-factor).

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